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   Chapter 9 A Dislocated Wild Horse

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"By the way, do I have any association to apply for?" Cherry suddenly thought of an important thing. In the University, it was too wasteful not to play.

Avril looked at Cherry up and down in confusion.

Cherry knew that her behavior would arouse suspicion, but it was better to ask Avril than others?

Cherry smiled and rubbed her temples. "Avril, don't look at me like that. I don't know what's wrong with me recently. I'm in a daze. By the way, have I applied for art?"

It suddenly occurred to her what Sherry said yesterday. From what she said, she knew that she must have painted very well in the past.

So she should have applied for an art association.

In fact, she didn't like this kind of thing very much now. She was the most vigorous one. How could she sat there and draw quietly?

Without much doubt, Avril nodded with a smile, "yes, you have already signed up for the Art Association. It seems that you still like art the most. I'd better go with you today."

"Nothing else?" Cherry asked in confusion. She was looking forward to it. After all, she didn't want to play with such a boring thing all the time.

Avril frowned slightly and shook her head. "No. you don't like to go to much clubs. You only have a special preference for art. Don't you remember?"

"How is that possible? I just want to play a game with you. What's our class today? " Cherry smiled unnaturally.

She didn't want to be regarded as having amnesia.

Avril looked ahead and said, "you used to like this most. The teacher will come soon. Let's listen carefully."

"……" Cherry wanted to beat the old herself up. Why did she like things she didn't like.

Could she find pleasure in the boring history?

She held Avril's hand and said, "let's go to clubs today. I want to experience new clubs, such as dancing, singing, or extreme sports. I want to have a try."

Avril looked at her in a daze, "Cherry, what's wrong with you today? You are always obedient and won't go anywhere. Why do I feel that you have changed to someone else today? "

With a smile, Cherry waved her hand and pulled her out of the back door. "Let's go. I used to be very stereotyped. Now I have to change. From now on, I will play all the things I haven't played before. Are you willing to accompany me? "

"Of course. We are good friends. Wherever you want to go, I will go with you." Avril said without hesitation.

Cherry smiled proudly. She had said that someone would be willing to accompany her.

"Then let's go."

Avril nodded and said while walking, "Well, by the way, I happen to know a person who is our senior. His community is mostly made up of male students, and it is very interesting there. But we have never been to that place before. You also hate that kind of thing. I wonder if you will like it today?"

"Let's go and have a look!" Cherry held Avril's hand and ran out of the teaching building.

Avril took her to the gathering place of the community. It was already lively and jolly here. Generally, the junior and senior students were here, and the newcomers and sophomores we

re still busy studying.

Looking at the group of people in front of her, Cherry thought of one thing. She turned to look at Avril and said, "Do you think I studied well?"

Avril had already been used to her posture. She smiled sweetly and said, "Your were very good. You are always in the top three of the grade. You are good at almost every subjects."

Cherry nodded happily. She was a good student with good talent and appearance?

When they arrived, as Avril said, there were almost all boys here. When they saw Cherry approached, their eyes lit up as if they had seen a treasure.

"Kim, see who did I bring here?" Avril held Cherry's hand and walked over, looking at the tallest and most handsome boy here with a big smile on her face.

Kim was stunned, "Avril, you are here? Who is this? "

"Cherry Li." Cherry liked to introduce herself.

Avril nodded, "Yes. This is Cherry. Don't you know her? We two are at the same table. You often see each other. "

"Cherry? You've changed so much that I can't recognize you. Hello, I'm Kim, class six in four grade. " Kim smiled and reached out his hand.

In her heart, Cherry despised him. She was not so different from before. She just dressed up a little rustically in the past. How could he not recognize her?

When Avril ran out before, Cherry saw the back of the boy who asked her to go out. It seemed to be Kim in front of her. She was sure that Avril liked him, and she could see it from her eyes.

But he might not like Avril.

He just treated Avril as his friend.

"Hello, is there anything interesting here?" Cherry didn't shake hands with him at all. She just pointed at the things on his table and the tall things behind him.

Avril didn't seem to expect that from Cherry. She was slightly stunned and didn't say anything. Kim felt a little embarrassed and withdrew his hand with a blush.

"We have a lot of fun here. When did Cherry like to play these things? Shouldn't you go to draw? " Cold came out of nowhere with an evil smile on his face, but his eyes were full of scrutiny.

It could be seen that this group of people respected Cold very much. As soon as he came, the others immediately quieted down, probably because of his temperament.

She really wanted to punch him. Why couldn't he show up since she could see him everywhere?

Cherry smiled, "I suddenly want to play these. Can't I?"

"Of course. Let me play with you. Let's play double jump. You used to be very expecting and afraid of it."

Cold walked over with a smile in his eyes. Cherry could feel that this guy was definitely testing her. But even if she couldn't remember anything, what could she do?

"I don't want to play this today. You can play here. Let's go to other places to have a look." With a gentle smile, Cherry took Avril's hand and walked away.

Cold frowned slightly. He really wondered what on earth had happened to Cherry. Why did she seem to have changed into another person in only one or two days?

He could still control her before, but now, she felt like a wild horse running away from the rein?

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