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   Chapter 8 Be His Girlfriend

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"Do you like to play with me often?" Cherry asked her tentatively.

Avril paused and said, "Yes, we were desk mates. Of course I like to play with you. Why do you ask such a strange question?"

"Oh, nothing. By the way, don't I have any books?"

Cherry was confused. She had searched this area for a while, but found nothing. When she saw books on other people's tables, she thought she had left her schoolbag at home.

Avril covered her mouth with her hand and smiled. "Cherry, I feel that you have become fashionable and beautiful today, but your memory is not as good as before. You usually put the books in the back as long as you leave school."

Cherry followed her gaze, but she didn't see the book. Instead, she saw a very enchanting face with a cynical smile on the corner of his mouth. "Cherry, when did you start to hate to be with me?"

Cherry was confused by the boy. Who was he? Why did he seem to be familiar with her? Did the two of them know each other?

According to what he said, the two of them usually liked to be together?

Then, they should be good friends?

She coughed and said, "bring my book here."

Cold was stunned. He had never heard of her tone like this. How could she order him?

Looking at her stunned and undisguised eyes, he took down the book by accident and walked to her side. "Here, you haven't told me yet. Why don't you want to come with me this morning?"


After thinking for a while, Cherry thought of a familiar and strange name.


It seemed that the boy was the legendary Cold.

"Cold, I'm still curious. When I went to find you with Sherry this morning, you weren't there. What happened?"

Looking at the boy's strange eyes, she thought she had called the wrong name. Just as she didn't know how to explain, Cold suddenly spoke.

"Cherry, didn't you say that you didn't want to go to school with me and just wanted my uncle to drive you there?"

"When did I say that?" Cherry blurted out.

A smile appeared on the corner of Cold's mouth, and his eyes were full of doubts. "Didn't you say that?"

"That's it. But I just said that. Are you really not going to wait for us?" Cherry had to admit that it was all because of Herring. No wonder such a strange thing happened in the morning.

Raising his eyebrows, Cold said, "of course not. But you should be very clear that he is my uncle.

First of all, I can't go against his words. But I'm very smart. I'll leave my car to you. It's more comfortable to sit in my car, isn't it? "

"Are you telling the truth?" Cherry was confused.

With an unnatural look on his face, Cold said, "Of course I'm telling the truth. Have I ever lied to you?"

"But why do I feel that the car was taken away by Herring?" Cherry chuckled, with a trace of scrutiny in her eyes.

Hearing that, Cold's face flushed a little. "That's just your feeling. How could he take my car away? Besides, why did he grab my car? That car must have been given to him by me. "

Cherry chuckled in her heart. He was proud, but from what happened in the mo

rning, it must be Herring who robbed him.

"Why do you come to my class?"

Seeing that he finally avoided her questioning, Cold breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, he felt a little strange. Why did she seem to be different from before?

She had never doubted his words before. How could she be so bold today?

But looking from head to foot, she was still the same Cherry.

He waved his hand with a smile and sat on a table. "Nothing. We agreed to go to the orphanage yesterday, but you didn't come out. With such a thing happened this morning, I feel a little strange, so I want to ask."

"Well, now that you have asked, you are clear. You can go out."

Cherry rudely asked him to leave.

It was the first time that she had seen the boy who was talked about by Sherry all day long. Although he looked handsome, she always felt a strange aura from him.

It was better not to be with him.

Although Herring was bad and a jerk, he was not as dangerous as him.

Cold was stunned for a long time. "What? You want me to go out? "

"Yes. Is there any problem? You see, the class is about to begin. Do you still want to stay in our class? " Cherry nodded her head as she should, not caring about the surprise on his face at all.

After hesitating for a while, Cold asked, "Cherry, what happened to you?"

A trace of embarrassment flashed across cherry's face. In fact, she didn't know what was going on.

"No. what's wrong?"

Hearing that, Cold rolled his eyes and smiled. "You are going to be my girlfriend. How can you kick me out? Don't you want to stay with me? "

Be his girlfriend?

Cherry was stunned. What?

Was her original life so chaotic?

There was a man who called himself her man, and now there was another man who wanted to be her boyfriend.

What the hell was going on?

She observed his face for a while. Avril poked her with her arm and gave her a cute look. She immediately understood what he meant.

"Don't lie to me. How could I agree to be your girlfriend? Be careful that I tell this to your uncle. "

"Cherry, what I said is true. How can I lie to you?

We used to hang out. You told me that you and my uncle were not suitable for each other, and then you wanted to be with me. Have you forgotten all these? "

Now even Avril was a little confused. Cherry rolled her eyes and said, "stop, I'll change my words.

I don't want to be in love with anyone now. I don't like either you or your uncle. So, you'd better go back to work as soon as possible. "

"Really, how could you go back on your word? Anyway, what I said is true. I will make you believe me sooner or later."

Cold jumped off the table and looked very angry. He pointed at Cherry and walked out.

Looking at his back, Cherry smiled, "little boy."

"Cherry, what he said just now, is it true or not? I've never heard you told him that in class. Have you told him outside? "

Avril put her little head beside her and looked at her in confusion.

Cherry smiled noncommittally. "I don't know either. Just take it as a joke."

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