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   Chapter 7 He Didn't Escape

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This bestie was really interesting.

It seemed that they would have fun in the future.

"Let's go to meet Cold. Why should I cook for him? He can cook by himself!"

She said as Sherry wished and left.

They kept looking at the face of Herring, but he didn't move at all. His handsome face was getting darker and darker, and the plate in his hand seemed to be broken at any time.

They couldn't tell what they should do, so they could only stand still.

Sherry smiled complacently in her heart, with a hint of success in her eyes. She quickly pretended to be panic, "Mr. Herring, don't be too angry. Cherry is in a bad mood today, so I'll try to persuade her, in fact..."

"Let's go." His voice was as cold as ice.

The silver grey Porsche soon left Sherry's sight.

She stood there in a daze for a while, stamped her feet angrily, calmed herself down, and came to Cherry with a smile.

Cherry deliberately ignored her and kept walking. Sherry pretended to be embarrassed and followed her to the place where Cold were waiting for them.

When Sherry saw the flamboyant red sports car, a weird smile quietly appeared on her face.

"That's it, Cherry. Let's sit inside. He has been waiting here for a long time. You don't know how much he likes to be with you. In fact, I think you two are a perfect match. Let's go!"

Cherry just nodded and said nothing. She sat in. As soon as she entered, she felt a layer of coldness all over her body.

It felt so familiar.

"Cherry, I'm coming in." Sherry said in a sweet voice.

Before she could say anything, the iceberg beside her said, "don't come in."

Sherry was stunned. How, how could it be Herring sitting here?

But this car belonged to Cold.

What the hell was going on?

When Cherry was about to leave, her arm was suddenly grabbed by a powerful hand. "The new car looks good, isn't it? It turns out that you like this style of cars."

"Let's go."

Before she could say anything, the car started directly, leaving her no chance to make a choice.

Sherry stood still in a daze and called Cherry, but there was no response. She was so angry that she was about to go crazy, but she still maintained a gentle and sweet look.

At first, Cherry felt very angry, but now she had helped her vent her anger. It was time to teach Sherry a lesson.

When she saw the food on the plate, she wanted to eat it very much, but when she thought of the conditions he had said before, she didn't want to eat it.

"Just eat it."

Hearing the voice of Cherry, Herring looked at him and found that he was still staring at the computer, as if he hadn't spoken at all.

She just sat there as if she didn't hear him.

She took out her phone and swiped on it.

She didn't hear his voice all the way. She couldn't help but feel a little sad. She thought that he had changed and wanted to be good to her. It seemed that she had thought too much.

When they arrived at the school gate, Cherry picked up her bag and quickly ran out of the car.

His eyes, which had been staring at the computer screen, finally shifted.

Looking at h

er beautiful back, Herring had mixed feelings.

As soon as Cherry walked into the door, her classmates all looked at her, especially those boys. They almost fixed their eyes on her.

She had always been used to such a high-profile scene.

She just wanted to go back to her class, but she didn't know which class she was on now at all. She just forgot to ask Sherry. It was really troublesome.

"Hey, isn't this Cherry, who's in Class 7 Grade 3? She looks so beautiful today. I almost didn't recognize her just now. "

"Yeah, she is more beautiful than our campus belle."


As they chattered, Cherry came to her class with a smile.

As soon as she entered, a girl waved at her and said, "Cherry, you're here. Come and sit here."

She smiled. She was so lucky to know where she was now.

"Avril, the boy in the next class is looking for you." A boy shouted.

The girl who had just waved at her suddenly blushed. She smiled shyly at Cherry and said, "Cherry, you sit here first. I'll be back soon."


The name sounded nice and matched her image. She looked very simple.

Cherry liked this kind of girl very much, much better than Sherry. It seemed that they would be good friends in the future.

By the way, maybe they had already had a good friendship, but she didn't know how far it was now?

"Cherry, Cherry."

It came so fast. Cherry chuckled and thought, 'perhaps Sherry just followed me here?' Were they in the same class?

She ran over breathlessly. Cherry looked at her up and down and said, "Sherry, why are you in such a hurry? What's in your hand? "

Sherry trembled all over and hid the thing behind her in a hurry, with a trace of embarrassment on her face. "No, I'm just afraid that you will be afraid if you stay here alone, so I want to catch up with you as soon as possible."

"Oh, I'm fine. In fact, I'm just curious. What on earth did you take?"

A faint smile appeared on Cherry's face. She seemed to see something just now, but she was not sure if it was that.

Sherry quickly took off her handbag, blocked the thing in her hand and walked outside.

"Nothing. It's just some personal belongings. Don't look at it. Well, I have something else to do, so I'm leaving now. By the way, I'm next door. If you have anything, come to me."

Seeing her running away, a trace of disdain flashed through Cherry's eyes. She was almost sure that it was the meal prepared by Herring.

She could think of that scene now. Maybe when Sherry came to the school, she just saw Herring.

Then they reached an agreement. He asked Sherry to bring food for her, and Sherry was willing to do so.

But now, she didn't give the meal to her at all, so her intention was obvious.

"Cherry, I'm back."

The girl with a sweet smile and innocent eyes ran back.

"Avril, who did you meet just now? Is he your boyfriend? " Cherry chuckled and her eyes were particularly clear.

Avril blushed and looked flustered. "No, of course not. He is just one of my friends. Oh, you have changed so much today. I could hardly recognize you when you first came in."

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