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   Chapter 5 Scramble For Food

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The whole house was covered with a layer of haze.

Even Sherry was scared to death.

When she came to her senses, Sherry quickly explained for her, "Herring, don't be angry with Cherry. She was just confused for a while. She and Cold were innocent. They both like painting, and she often asked Cold for advice on painting, so they got closer. As for the orphanage..."

On the surface, Sherry was defending for Cherry, but in fact, every word she said reminded him that his woman had an affair with his nephew.

"Fuck off!" Hearing the woman's nagging, Herring was so annoyed that Sherry almost burst into tears.

She bit her pale lips and looked at Herring pitifully, "Herring..."

"Gregorio, throw her out."

He left angrily and went into the study.

Gregorio outside the door replied, "yes."

Then he said to her in a businesslike manner, "Miss Sherry, please."

Sherry was speechless.


Why can you bear that stupid woman like Cherry, while you wouldn't even look at me?

I've worked so hard for so many years, and it's not easy for me to persuade Cherry to use Cold to piss you off. I deliberately persuaded her to get close to Cold, and told her that as long as you saw her with Cold, you would be jealous...

That stupid woman, Cherry, did hear that. She always pretended to be very close to Cold in front of you She didn't know she made you angry.

She didn't know you at all, you was intolerable...

Why do you like such a woman?

I wouldn't let her go.

Sherry left the house sadly.

As the night fell, Cherry looked at the clock on the wall. It was already eleven thirty in the evening.

She had been hungry for a whole day.

No, if it went on like this, she would be starved and dehydrated.

That jerk, Herring, even forbade her to eat and put her grounded... He was such a jerk.

The servant said that she couldn't have dinner unless she apologized to him.

Did he want her to apologize? 'You must be dreaming.'

She didn't believe that she couldn't get any food in such a big villa.

Cherry got up from the bed and pulled back the quilt. A notebook fell to the ground.

A note book with a coded lock?

Cherry jumped off the bed. She was so hungry that she almost fell to the ground.

But she had no time to care about it. She stepped on the carpet barefoot and bent down to pick up the notebook.

It was so pink that it must be a girl's stuff. There were only her and Herring in this room. Needless to say, this book must be hers.

What could it be?

Was there anything about her past?

Unfortunately, the coded lock was so complicated that she had no idea how to unlock it.

She put the notebook into her backpack, took her phone and walked out of the bedroom.

At this time, the servants had returned to their own bedroom to rest.

The large Han's House was very quiet.

Cherry took off her shoes and went downstairs to the kitchen with her instinct.

In just a short while, a lot of recipes had appeared in her mind.

She rubbed her face as if she had found a treasure. "You're awesome, Cherry. It seems that you won't starve yourself to death."

She went into the kitchen and was busy for a while. Soon, two dishes and one soup were ready.

As soo

n as Cherry put the delicious food on the small dining table in the kitchen, the light was on outside.

And someone walked slowly towards the kitchen with steady and powerful steps.

Cherry's back froze. Who was coming in the middle of the night?

Just then, a tall man stood at the door.

She was tall and straight, and her delicate face was like the most beautiful painting. She was wearing a loose light colored Pajama, and her hair was a little messy.

It turned out to be... That jerk, Herring.

Cherry snorted at him and didn't look at him anymore.

She filled a bowl of rice, took the chopsticks, and walked to the table. When she was about to pick up food, the bowl in her hand, the chopsticks, and the food in the chopsticks were taken away by the man.

The man didn't even look at her. He just put the food into his mouth and ate slowly.

"……" The corners of her eyes twitched.

"I made it!" She angrily pointed at the man who had rudely finished all the dishes she cooked.

"And then?" Glancing at Cherry indifferently, Herring continued to eat. "Although it was you who cooked, the food obviously belongs to the Han's House."

"……" Cherry.

'She would eat it no matter how'

Cherry quickly filled another bowl of rice. As soon as she approached the table, she picked up the plate and was about to pour all the dishes on it into her own bowl.

And... As soon as she poured some soup, the plate was taken away by the man's slender hand. He poured all the dishes in the plate into his bowl in front of her.

"……" Cherry's eyes widened.

What did she see?

Damn it! The jerk ate up the two dishes she cooked alone.

Whoosh! Cherry was so angry that her heart was trembling.

But her body was so hungry that she couldn't fight against the man.

"Do you have hands? Will you cook by yourself? " She put her hands on her hips angrily, looking like a little shrew.

It was rare to see her colorful face, and Herring was amused.

He waved his hand towards Cherry, which was as delicate as an artist's. "obviously, my hand is good-looking. Do you want to touch them?"

"How could there be such a shameless man?" Cherry was so angry that she almost fainted.

Herring ate contentedly and didn't lower himself to the same level as Cherry.

She had been hungry for a whole day, and he had accompanied her for the whole day. He had planned to go to the kitchen to find something to eat, but he didn't expect to meet her cooking midnight snack.

What surprised him more was that the food she cooked tasted good.

So he raised his head with a good temper and glanced at her. "The cooking is not bad. Let's continue tomorrow."

"You bastard, you robbed my food and treated me as a servant."

"It's your honor."

"I don't care. I want to run away from home, no, I want to go home."

She couldn't live in this house anymore.

This jerk didn't give her food, and imprisoned her. Now he robbed her things, and tomorrow he would treat her as a servant

He was a demon.

He was even worse than the man in her dream.

Go away from home?

The smile that had just lit up on Herring's face disappeared in an instant. Last time, after she said this weakly, she immediately turned to Cold...

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