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   Chapter 4 I'm your man

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It was so happy that Cherry could see him change a lot every day. Unfortunately, this stupid woman didn't deserve it. Soon, the woman around Herring would change!

Thinking of this, Sherry held Cherry's arm more closely and said in a low voice, "Cherry, do you also think that compared with Herring, Cold is a little inferior in both appearance and aura?

But, Cherry, I think it's better to get along with Cold. He is much more suitable for you in terms of age and personality.

The aura of Herring is too high, like a God that is free of worldly cares. Mortals don't deserve him, so Cherry, you have to work hard to become a fairy. "

It sounded like she was trying to sow dissension between them!

Cherry frowned slightly. How could she become a good friend with such a time bomb?

Cherry didn't remember that in the past, she thought Sherry said these words for her good. In order to help her get closer to Herring, she always took her advice as the first choice.

Pretending not to understand what she meant, Cherry asked casually, "Sherry, who do you like more? Whose woman do you want to be? "

"Of course it's ..." As soon as Sherry opened her mouth, she almost spoke out the name of Herring.

Fortunately, at this time, Herring, who had been staring at Cherry indifferently, said in a cold voice, "Cherry, Grandma wants to see you. Pack up and go back to my old house with me right away."

Cherry obviously felt that the girl holding her hand stiffened after Herring finished his words.

From the corner of her eyes, Cherry looked at Sherry and found that her side face looked pale.

She knew that she was not feeling well, because it was uncomfortable for her that Herring would take her back to his home.

Cherry knew who Sherry liked.

The girl in front of her was a woman who wanted to seduce her bestie, and she was very matched with the scum in front of her.

Cherry lowered her eyes. When she raised her head again, she smiled like a flower and said to Herring, "Sherry asked me to go to the orphanage. This is an appointment with the director of the orphanage a long time ago. I have always been doing what I said, so I don't have time to go back to the old house with you."

"Yes, Herring. We have an appointment earlier." Sherry immediately echoed, and then a cold and cruel smile appeared on her lips. She slightly raised her head and stared at Herring, "Herring, we're leaving now?

Cold is still waiting for us outside. We have told the director a month ago that we will send the painting to the children in the courtyard today.

The children there liked the paintings made by Cold and Cherry. Everyone praised them for their good paintings.

If Cherry doesn't go there, the children will be disappointed and Cold will be sad. "

Sherry stressed the last sentence.

Hearing this, a cold smile appeared on Cherry's face. Even if she had forgotten what had happened in the past, she could tell that there was something in Sherry's words.

Who on earth was the Cold she mentioned?

This name had been mentioned several times by Sherry.

However, these should have nothing to do with her. She was not interested in what the scum thought after hearing these words.

She turned to look at Sherry, "Sherry, let's go and get the painting first."


The two girls missed the side of Herring and walked towards the bedroom.

She hadn't taken two steps Suddenly, someone grabbed her arm.

The force of the clas

p made her wrist painful. She immediately turned her head irritably and stared at the person behind her. "Why are you dragging me?"

"Give the painting to Miss Sherry and go back to the old house with me immediately."

"Why?" The rebelliousness in her bones was provoked. "It's my own business."

As soon as she finished speaking, the corridor on the second floor was like to be covered with a layer of ice and snow, and everyone seemed to be in the cold South Pole.

Seeing this, Sherry smiled with satisfaction. It was always so easy to provoke the rebellion of Cherry, who was always so stupid.

How could such a woman deserve him?

She didn't deserve even a playboy like Cold.

But the next second, the smile on her face froze.

The girl in her hand suddenly broke away from her hand and fell into the arms of Herring. His handsome face suddenly approached and hit Cherry's face. They were so close that they could smell each other.

Sherry stood still in a daze... Hatred filled her heart.

How could they be so close to each other in front of her?

Hearing a rogue's scream of Cherry, Herring didn't get away from her. Instead, his handsome face seemed to be closer. The next second, his thin lips were pressed on her red lips.

"…" Her brain exploded.

'damn it! In front of so many servants... ' And why did he kiss her right in front of Sherry?

What did he take her for?

Cherry raised her hand and slapped on the handsome face of the defenseless Herring.

"Clap!" Although he didn't use much strength, his voice was very loud.

All the servants in the corridor were shocked with their eyes wide open.

The girl who looked humble when she saw Herring slapped him?

The world must be crazy.

Cherry stared at Herring, "Who are you for me? Why did you kiss me? "

"I'm your man." Anger rose from the bottom of his heart.

She had gone to the orphanage with Cold a month ago to paint?

And the second time?

Did they paint well?

Huh It seemed that it was a wrong decision to let her learn painting.

"Do you have a marriage certificate?" Cherry sneered.

From the fact that everyone in the Han house called her Miss Li instead of my lady, she must not have a marriage certificate.

Why did he sleep in her bed before they got married?

And now he even kissed her

What was he doing?

"Is an engagement so important to you?"

"It's important. You can't do anything without a license. Otherwise, you just like drive without a license. You are a hoodlum. I hate hoodlum." Cherry broke free from Herring's control and ran back to the main bedroom with a red face, closing the door with a bang.

In the quiet room, her body slowly shrank down along the bedroom door.

Oh my God! She was going crazy.

She almost lost her heart just now because of the kiss of Herring.

It was not that she didn't feel his kiss. On the contrary, she was happy because of his kiss. She must be crazy.

How could this jerk, who had been bullying her in her dream... Was he the man she liked?

No, even if she liked him before, now... She didn't want him anymore.

"Without my order, no one is allowed to let her out, and no one is allowed to give her food." Outside the door, Herring's voice was deafening.

It was the first time that he had been slapped in the face, and also the first time that he had been scolded by a woman as a hooligan. It seemed that he had spoiled her too much today that she had become so bold.

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