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   Chapter 3 How Could She Be So Charming All The Time

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After waiting for a long time, he could still hear no reply. Thinking that she was too frightened from what had happened yesterday, Herring quietly waited for her to finish her work.

Seeing that she had changed from a little girl to a charming woman in an instant, his eyes darkened.

He could already feel his blood flowing downwards.

Considering that she still hadn't graduated yet, he still hadn't slept with her to keep her innocence. Last night was the first time he had slept with her on the same bed. Of course, he just slept, but her sweet fragrance made it painful for him the entire night.

She finally finished putting on her make up. Cherry took a step back and admired her handiwork. A smile bloomed on her lips.

'Now is the time to serve me...'

Although Cherry was afraid of him, she would serve him every day.

However, after looking in the mirror, the woman shrugged and walked away

as if he didn't even exist.

Herring gritted his teeth.

He had waited for more than half an hour,

but she didn't even give a look at him.

"Cherry Li!" he bellowed angrily.

Cherry paused upon hearing his words. Cherry Li? Was that her name?

She didn't have any complaints about it. It sounded good – it fitted her.

"What's the matter?" she asked without even turning towards him.

"Don't overdo it," he warned. His voice was cold.

Hearing his words, Cherry turned around and smiled enchantingly at him. "I had a dream last night. I dreamed that I met a bad-tempered man who didn't know how to show mercy to women at all. He looked like a three-year-old who knew nothing about love. That asshole... Is it you?"

There was silence as Herring stared at her in disbelief.

'Did she call me an asshole?'

She was his fiancee but had been intimate with his nephew, Noah Han. How could she have the guts to even question him?

Ignoring his cold gaze, Cherry strutted out of the bedroom with her head held high.

"Miss Cherry?" Gregorio, who was guarding outside the door, blinked in shock when he saw Cherry coming out of the room.

It seemed that the new look suited her.

The dress that she had chosen matched her temperament much more. Normally, she liked to dress herself with a more childish sense of style. She would wear anything pink, which wouldn't match her at all. Her choice today, however, really brought out her beauty.

Moreover, she looked noble with the outfit. Plus, the confidence waving off from her was completely staggering.

Even her gaze wasn't as weak and hushed as before, but cold and arrogant.

What happened?

Did she change herself overnight?

Looking at the suited man, she could already guess that he was the butler.

Cherry shrugged indifferently. "Prepare my food, butler."

"Miss Cherry, you don't have to go to school this weekend. You can sleep in if you want to."

It turned out that she was still a student...

She pursed her lips and nodded to indicate her understanding.

Suddenly, another charming voice came from the stairs.

"Cherry! Cherry!" someone called out her name like a warbler.

Cherry narrowed her eyes.

The girl downstairs wore a blue and white trousers skirt. She was also sporting a wind coat that had the

same color. She looked incredibly fresh and ready for the day.

Her hair hang off her shoulders, curling at the end. It highlighted her delicate face and framed her bright eyes even better.

"Miss Sherry."

"Miss Sherry, you're here."

Cherry heard the maids downstairs greeting Sherry Su as she passed.

Sherry... That was her name.

"I'm here for Cherry. Is she here?" Sherry Su brightly smiled.

"Miss Cherry is still..." Before the servant could finish her words,

Cherry smoothly walked down the steps. "Sherry, what can I do for you?"

"Didn't you say that we'll go to the orphanage together? The children were ecstatic when they heard that you were coming!" Sherry Su walked up towards her. As she approached, she glanced at the rooms behind Cherry intentionally as if she was waiting for someone to come out.

She blinked and held Cherry's hand. "Where are the paintings that you'll give out to the orphanage? Is it upstairs? Let me get it with you."

Cherry wasn't stupid enough to not know that the woman in front of her had ulterior motives.

She allowed the woman to hold her hand and drag her upstairs. However, even then,

she couldn't help but feel uncomfortable by the way the woman was gripping her.

Cherry frowned. She didn't know why. A part of her wished that someone could tell her everything of her past life.

In the master bedroom upstairs.

After Cherry left the room, Herring was at the edge of his seat.

However, he still didn't lose his temper.

A part of it was because of the fear that he had seen in Cherry's eyes the other night.

Suddenly, he thought of something and dialed a familiar number. Herring brought the phone to his ear as a smile slipped into his lips. "Grandma, it's me – Herring. How have you been? I'm actually planning to take Cherry over."

Her grandmother scoffed upon hearing her grandson's words. It seemed that the only reason he called her was for Cherry.

She shrugged. Either way, she didn't really mind as long as she got to see her grandson.

It seemed that he needed her help anyway.

Despite being capable, her grandson still needed to learn a thing or two on how to flirt with women. Herring and Cherry had already been together for three years, but their relationship hadn't developed!

It was time for her to intervene.

A smile slid into her composed face as she looked sideways.

"Prepare some soup and tea. Herring will come over today," she ordered the servant.

"Yes, ma'am." The servant walked out almost immediately.

As soon as Cherry and Sherry reached the second floor, the door of the main bedroom was pushed open. Herring stepped out.

His arrogant aura filled the corridor entirely. The man was sporting a black windbreaker on his arm. He wasn't wearing a suit like he usually did.

Instead, he wore a white high-necked sweater and a pair of black straight pants. In an instant, his appearances ranged from an indifferent CEO to a gentle Prince Charming.

Either way, he was still incredibly handsome.

Sherry was stunned at the sight.

It was the first time she had seen Herring without a suit, and he looked even more dashing than he usually did.

How could he be so charming all the time?

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