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   Chapter 2 Turn Into A Temptress In A Second

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With his tight grip, Cherry started to cough violently. She could already feel her personality start to slip away from her fingertips.

It was good anyway. It was good that she would finally be replaced. She didn't want this anymore. She was just so tired.

"Herr... Herr..." She struggled some more before passing out.

Looking at her unconscious state, Herring's pupils shrank almost immediately and the strength in his grip disappeared in an instant. Cherry's body fell onto the ground.

Herring held her body nervously. His heart ached at the sight of the young girl.

His stiff fingers trailed across her nose. He didn't carried her to her bed until he felt that the woman's breathing had returned back to normal.

The bruises on her neck were evident under his gaze. Herring winced.

He quickly hid the notebook inside her pillow.

"Mr. Herring?"

Gregorio, his butler, saw that Herring walked out of the room holding a black suit and a pair of leather shoes. The corners of his eyes twitched.

The sight was definitely a weird one.

The arrogant man shouldn't be holding such a shabby suit in the first place.

"Throw them away." Expressionlessly, Herring shoved the clothes into Gregorio's arms. His eyes were as dark as midnight. "Tell everyone to not mention any of the events that had transpired today."

Gregorio was silent for a while. Although he didn't know what happened, he nodded. "Yes, sir."

Holding the clothes in his arms, Gregorio bowed his head, not really knowing how to deliver the next set of news to his master.

Noticing that he still hadn't walked away, Herring scowled. "What else?"

"Mr. Noah came here just now,"

he said hurriedly. Herring clenched his fists.

It seemed that Noah still hadn't given up yet. 'How dare you come here?' Herring thought fiercely.

"He said that he came to bring Cherry to school," Gregorio said cautiously.

The tension in the space was building up on his words.

Feeling his master's cold gaze, Gregorio swallowed hard as he pointed at the label on the clothes. "Mr. Herring, Mr. Noah usually wears a size 185... This is size 190 so... He is shorter than you, sir."

When Herring's gaze fell upon him again, Gregorio bowed his head.

He couldn't help but feel confused at his master's emotions. Wasn't what he said a good thing? Maybe he should just throw them away.

"Mr. Herring, I'll throw them away first."

Herring gazed at the man trying to escape him. He couldn't help but let his mind flash back to the fear the woman's eyes had held when she tried to look at him. He shook his head.

"Ask someone to sew them properly before putting them away."

Without another word, Herring strode out of the second floor.

There was silence as Gregorio tried to process his words.

'Didn't you say that I should throw them away?

All I said was that the clothes' size wasn't for Mr. Noah and...'

What did Herring feel for Cherry? Maybe even Herring himself didn't know the answer.

The next day.

Cherry woke up from her slumber.

She had a very long dream.

In her dream, she loved a man very much. For him, she would wear pink princess dresses and thin, flesh-colored stockings. She would wait for him at the gate until her nose would be wet from the cold. She wouldn't

be successful as she would always be sent away by his assistant.

He loved to swim, and although she hated pools, she would usually go to see him. She would close her eyes and try her best to swim, but in the end, he would only lecture her.

No matter what she did, he would always pulse in anger. She remembered trembling at the sight of him.

As soon as he could feel her fear from a mile away, he would try and lock her up.

The sadness she felt from her dream woke her up. With a frown, she opened her eyes

and looked around.

It was already morning, and the bright sunlight greeted her day, dispelling the sadness in her heart. She raised her hand to block the stream of light attacking her face.

However, as she raised her hand, she could feel her fingers brushing against something solid.

She immediately shrank back from the hold,

but the man quickly wrapped his hand around her wrist.

Cherry turned around to see a handsome man lying beside her.

"Sleep a little longer." His commanding tone made her frown. She didn't like him ordering her around.

Cherry pulled her hand away.

"I don't know you. Who are you? I think you don't know me very well, but I like to get up the moment I wake up."

She furrowed her eyebrows and lifted the quilt from her body. Without another word, she sauntered towards the bathroom,

ignoring the man's puzzled gaze.

Herring was speechless.

The sound of running water snapped her out of consciousness.

Half an hour later, Cherry finally walked out of the bathroom. She had already changed her clothes. The white vintage dress made her look like an angel. She tied a towel around her wet hair as she patted the toner on her face. Then she walked to the dresser.

Throughout the whole time, she didn't even look at Herring.

Narrowing his eyes, Herring lit up a cigar.

Was she pretending not to know him? Huh.

He frowned. 'What new trick are you trying to play?'

Once Cherry cleaned herself up, Herring quickly dressed up himself. He was dressed in an expensive gray suit and a pair of grey leather shoes.

He had almost forgotten his tie. Thinking of the tie that she had given him yesterday, he turned towards her. "Bring me the tie from yesterday."

This was the first time he had allowed her to pick up the things he had thrown away.

She should understood what he meant.

Perhaps it was due to his lack of expression that she was so afraid of him.

Cherry quickly dried her hair and combed it with her crystal clear green hairpin. Upon hearing his voice, she froze for a moment.

The man who had slept with her was undoubtedly close to her, but it seemed that she couldn't remember who he was.

If she really loved him, how could she have forgotten about him?

Cherry pursed her lips, pausing.

Suddenly, she remembered him as the man from her dream – the man who had made her cry and scream. He had made her want to forget him.

Was it him then?

She didn't even bother to look at Herring as she continued.

She tucked her thick black hair under her hairpin. Strands of hair fell from her hairpin and brushed upon her neck, emphasizing her detailed collarbone. The girl who was once pure and beautiful like an angel, now looked like a temptress ready to meet her next victim.

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