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   Chapter 1 Replaced by Another Personality

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The bedroom was as cold as an underground bunker.

With her arms wrapped around her knees, Cherry Li curled up on the ground. Her face was painted with fear and hopelessness.

Suddenly, something occurred to her.

Her bottom lip couldn't help but tremble as she felt someone approaching the room.

"No..." she whispered. Her voice was raspy from the lack of water. "Please don't punish me. I was wrong...I was wrong..." Her head pounded as she murmured those words. Cherry Li closed her eyes. All she wished was for the ground to swallow her up once and for all.

She continued to whisper those words until the door slammed open. The sound echoed throughout the room but she didn't raise her head. Instead, she acted as if she didn't hear a thing.

The man walked towards her.

Feeling that someone was approaching her, Cherry Li froze and raised her head.

As she saw the man's angular face, she froze. He was as tall as a king and his face was as regal as it could get. He squatted humbly, staring at her.

The man's cold eyes felt as if they were staring into the bottom of her soul.

A shiver sent to her spine as fear overwhelmed her.

Seeing her fearful state, Herring Han's eyes narrowed. Did he really frighten her that much?

Thinking back to the misunderstanding they had the other day, the man's gaze left Cherry Li's face as he turned to the things scattered across the floor.

There were black suit near the bed, a pair of bright leather shoes, and a black-and-white striped tie. However, he noticed that there were several tears across his high-end suit. He pursed his lips.

Not far away, he spotted a notebook with a lock.

Herring Han walked towards the fallen notebook and picked it up.

"Give that back to me,"

Cherry Li screamed once she saw him pick it up.

He couldn't see the notebook, or else he would only hate her more.

It wasn't her fault that she loved the man. It wasn't her fault that she had fallen for him...

Whatever... Herring Han still shouldn't see the contents of that notebook.

She stood up and tried to take it from him. However, Cherry Li's strength couldn't even match up to him. The man slowly picked up the notebook. Because of her trembling body, she lost her balance and fell onto the carpet with a bang.

The man gazed at her coldly.

"Who were these clothes brought for?"

Although his housekeeper Gregorio Lin told him that the clothes were his size, he still wanted to hear it from her lips.

Cherry Li couldn't answer him. Her eyes widened. "Give me the notebook back,"

she said urgently.

Seeing the urgency in her eyes, his eyes darkened.

Herring Han bent over and gripped her jaw. "Tell me, who were these clothes brought for?"

With tears on her eyes, Cherry Li gritted her teeth. Her mind was still filled with the thought of stopping him from reading her notebook. "It doesn't matter who I bought them fo

r. They wouldn't be for you anyway," she snapped.

It was the first time she had dared snap at him like that.

Her words made the tension even thicker. Soon, it felt as if they were spending the night in the Swiss Alps and the wind was slapping their faces relentlessly.

She shivered.

"For whom?" he repeated. His eyes darkened and his voice was as cold as ice.

Cherry Li laughed at the look on his face.

There was something different about her. It seemed as if something finally broke into her mind.

Cherry Li got up from the ground as she glared at him. "They were for Noah," she spat out.

Her heart throbbed heavily.

She resisted him without missing a beat.

However, Herring Han wasn't one to be played with.

He was like the tiger in a cage. One shouldn't mess with him if they didn't want to be devoured alive.

Cherry Li avoided his sharp stare.

Although he was scary, she didn't want to admit defeat.

He had her locked up here already. It wasn't as if he was going to do anything worse.

Now, he was even grabbing her notebook. He was always possessive about her everything. He was heartless like that.

Herring Han trampled on her heart right before her eyes, and she couldn't find herself living this life anymore.

"Tomorrow is Noah's birthday. He's turning 22, and I bought them for him. Are you satisfied?"

she said clearly as if she was a teacher explaining it to a child.

Herring Han clenched his fists.

Anger gushed from his stare. He strode forward and wrapped his hands around her throat. Cherry Li sputtered out, glowing red under the dim light. The light in her eyes started to fade.

Her head pounded much harder as she struggled under his grip.

It was as if her very soul had been shoved into a blender. Soon enough, she would come out broken.

Cherry stared at the ceiling in horror. Would she die like this? Die this desperately?

She was always submissive to the man in front of her, but now she dared to defy him.

It seemed that she was about to pay the price. She remembered the time when she had visited the doctor.

"Miss Li, you're under increasing mental pressure lately. It would be disadvantageous to your health. If it's not alleviated, I'm afraid that you will suffer from Dissociative Disorder," the doctor once told her.

From then on, things had started to go downhill. "You feel extremely dissatisfied with your life and want to do everything to bury your past. The worst result would be memory loss."

Cherry had laughed then once she heard it.

She had no way to save herself.

With this devil by her side, her symptoms would never be relieved and her spirit would always be crushed continuously inside the household.

Dissociative Disorder... This is another name for Multiple Personality Disorder. She might be replaced by another personality and forget everything that came from this torturous past.

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