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   Chapter 286 Return

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Those strange words had always been nonsense in Andrew's eyes. He did not believe that so many living people could disappear in the water!

"Maybe someone has already known our plan, and David is not on the ship at all."

Soon, Andrew made a bold guess!

He was right. After Mio boarded the ship and searched around, she quickly came to this conclusion.

"That is to say, Mr. Li is likely to be with David now. We should go back as soon as possible! If they were all together and did it by one person, it was obvious that that person wanted to be the CEO of Li Group! Otherwise, he wouldn't have taken so much trouble! "

Even if Mio didn't tell him, Andrew knew what he should do.

He had bound his brother and father together. Apart from taking the Li Group as a bargaining chip, he couldn't think of why that person had gone so far.

"Ryan?" Mio glanced at Andrew doubtfully.

Now that Andrew hadn't gone back to the Li Group, he couldn't come to a con

es all the way. What Mio could do was just to persuade him. He didn't have the ability to stop him.

"In fact, the two of us take turns to keep watch at night. There are also Deandre and others outside. Generally speaking, it's not a big problem."

Late at night, Mio was so sleepy that he couldn't open his eyes, but he still tried his best to hold back his sleepiness and persuaded Andrew.

Andrew snorted with disdain, "It will be troublesome if I trust you. Look at yourself. You can't open your eyes now. Just sleep. I'll take a rest on the plane. "

After saying that, Andrew turned over arrogantly, leaving only his back to Mio.

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