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   Chapter 284 We Found David's Ship

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 4608

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If it weren't for the knock on the door, Sophia wouldn't have come to her senses so soon.

Stunned, she walked quickly to the door and opened it. She lowered her head and saw Anni.

"Miss Sophia, dinner is almost ready. Please prepare it for dinner." Anni said and looked at Sophia with a gentle smile.

Embarrassed, Sophia wiped the water stains on her forehead and said, "Thank you. I'll go downstairs later. I'll wash myself."

After seeing Anni leave, Sophia finally breathed a sigh of relief. She wanted to find someone to fall in love with because of the sadness and joy of the call from Andrew just now, but who else could she find in this big villa?

Tell Andrew's grandmother?

That was for her to worry about!

In addition, the only person she could talk to was Frank.

During the dinner, Sophia slowly came to the room with food in her hands. She knocked three times on the door. This was the agreement she made with Frank in advance. As long as Sophia knocked at the door at this rate, Frank would know it was Sophia.

As soon as Frank opened the door, Frank saw Sophia come in with an unhappy face.

"Ancestor, who made you angry again? I saw it from the window. You made Beth so angry that she walked away like a soda. What's wrong with your face? " Frank joked as he took the food from Sophia.

Sophia was too tired to make a joke with Frank.

ave found it now, but it's dark on the ship and it doesn't seem to be anyone on it... "

The man reported the news, which made Andrew both happy and worried. Anyway, David was not the person in charge of this matter. The other party had already said that they wanted money. It should not be so fast to kill David, right?

While thinking, Andrew raised his head and asked in confusion, "Do you have any way to check that ship?"

"For the time being, we are still a little far from that ship. It will take about ten minutes for us to get close to it. After we get close, we can go to the ship to have a test in person. But Mr. Andrew, you are still safer on our ship. As for David's ship, we can send several foreign sailors to have a look. If anything happens to it, they can deal with it. " The man didn't dare to raise his head to look at Andrew, because he didn't know what would happen to him if he said that.

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