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   Chapter 283 A Worried Call

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Andrew's gloomy eyes fell on Deandre. He asked hesitantly, "Can I borrow your phone for a while?"

Deandre was about to say something, but he paused and handed the phone to Andrew reluctantly. "Mr. Andrew, you can use it, but..."

His eyes were evasive, and it could be seen that Deandre seemed a little reluctant. Andrew looked at him and asked, "What's the matter with you?"

Deandre hesitated for a while and scratched his head with a smile.

"Nothing. My wife is waiting for delivery at home, and I'm a little worried about her. Mr. Andrew, after you call me, ask me to call her too, so that she can rest assured. By the way, we have lost contact with others for a few days." As he spoke, his face was still filled with a happy smile.

At this point, no matter how anxious he was, Andrew knew that Deandre was looking forward to it as much as he was.

"Mio, go and ask the captain of the ship to stop first. There is a signal here. The ship will sail in half an hour." After giving the order, Andrew lit another cigarette and said, "I'm not in a hurry. You can call first."

Deandre didn't expect that Andrew didn't get angry and asked him to call his family. He smiled and dialed the number skillfully. After all, Andrew was waiting, Deandre didn't dare to neglect or talk a little more before hanging up.

When Deandre handed the phone to Andrew, he said shyly, "Thank you for your consideration, Mr. A


"Besides, if you are in trouble or someone bullies you, just tell Andrew's grandmother. I can't protect you even if I'm not with you now."

Before Andrew could finish his words, there was a sound of electricity coming from the phone, and then the signal on the screen returned to zero.

On the other side of the phone, Sophia was also confused. She didn't know what had happened, but the phone was hung up inexplicably. She still had a lot to talk to Andrew, but she hadn't said anything yet

A phone call made her sit alone in the corner. What she feared most was that there was no news about her without warning.

But when she finally made up her mind to call back, she found that the phone was not connected. As for what kind of environment and situation Andrew was in, she knew nothing.

Anxiety and uneasiness filled her mind. Helplessly, she rushed into the bathroom, put her head under the shower and took a fierce shower.

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