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   Chapter 282 Premeditation

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In the South Sea.

In fact, everything didn't go well when Andrew and Mio arrived at the South Sea. They didn't find David and Adela, but they were also trapped on the cruise ship. They had completely lost contact with the outside world.

"How long will it take for us to return?" Standing on the deck, looking at the boundless sea in front of him with a serious face, Andrew asked in a heavy tone.

Mio clicked the screen and calculated the date carefully.

"I guess it will take at least a week. At present, we have just gone to sea. I've already sent someone to ask about it. There's no cruise ship that David and Adela are on in the sea nearby. They'll look for it for a few more days. " Mio sighed.

They had been on the sea for a long time. He and Andrew's biggest pleasure was fishing with fishing rod. Apart from that, they had no fun in life. It was not easy for him to get the signal yesterday. Before he could unlock it, the signal immediately returned to zero. He asked the captain to take them to find the signal source, but they couldn't find half a trace after wandering around the sea.

Andrew put out the cigarette between his fingers and turned to look at Mio, "I don't know what's going on with the Li Group. I'm a little worried about her. I'm afraid she can't handle it alone."

"But you didn't say that you were worried that she couldn't deal with it when you left. You left the mess to her, but. If Sophia really couldn't deal

ve, nor do I know what's going on with the Li Group. The wine and money are just worldly possessions. What's the point of eating and drinking? If I really can't live for a few days, these things are also a waste here, aren't they? "

Mio agreed with Andrew.

While the two of them were making fun of each other, suddenly, Deandre behind them shouted, "Mr. Andrew, our phone has signal!"

There was a signal! Andrew's first reaction was to turn on the screen of his mobile phone. He was a little anxious. Although he saw that there was a signal on the mobile phone, he could not receive any text message.

He turned on his phone again and again anxiously, but there was still no response. All the calls he dialed were forcefully hung up.

"Mr. Andrew, maybe it's because of the mobile phone operator. This card is different from yours. I just checked it and found that only my mobile phone can make a call. . . . . ." Deandre's sudden words broke Andrew's heart.

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