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   Chapter 281 Expectation

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But she stopped before she reached the gate two steps away. She looked back at Sophia with embarrassment and said, "Well, my period is here today. I'm not feeling well. Can I go to the bathroom in your room? "

Sophia had thought that she was leaving, but she didn't expect that she would go to the bathroom again!

But Sophia couldn't refuse Beth. Helplessly, Sophia smiled awkwardly and impolitely. She pointed at the bathroom on the right hand and said, "That's the bathroom. It's clean. No one usually goes there. My room is too far upstairs. Beth, you'd better go there. "

Beth was shocked. She didn't expect that her wishful thinking would be overturned by Sophia.

She had no choice but to go to the bathroom in low spirits. After thinking for a while, Beth thought that she had offended Lady of the Li Family by coming here today. Anyway, she couldn't get a good result.

As a result, after she came out, Beth first glanced at Sophia, but didn't look in Sophia's direction. Then she walked upstairs as fast as she could.

While walking, she looked at Sophia and said with a smile, "I am so careless. I was about to leave just now, but I forgot

t put in a good word for us in front of Andrew's grandmother. After all, we really need to work in the Li Family." Several security guards sneaked in when no one was around. They looked at Sophia with a sad face and begged.

Knowing that this was Li Family, and Sophia was also a guest, she couldn't say anything. What's more, Andrew always strictly forbade people to distinguish between public and private interests, so Andrew's Grandma was not the kind of person who could be fooled by people casually.

"I really can't help you with this matter. Fortunately, it's Beth, today. What if it's someone else? If lady is in danger, who can bear it? No matter what decision lady makes. I believe that she will make a reasonable arrangement. " Sophia refused them seriously.

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