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   Chapter 280 Scheme

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In fact, Sophia knew very well that she was no match for Beth at all. Especially when [Beth had finished her words perfectly, she couldn't refuse or let her in.

Fortunately, Lady of the Li Family went downstairs at this moment, which eased the embarrassment.

"Grandma, I felt like we were old friends at the banquet. When I went back, I found that you are a well-known gourmet expert in our country. It's all my fault. Please don't blame me. " As soon as Beth saw Andrew's Grandma, she sticky up. Although Andrew's Grandma didn't like Beth, she didn't want to embarrass her, so Andrew's Grandma could only respond warmly.

"Beth, you are flattering me. The last time we met was not a year ago, right? I have been sick and in bed for a long time. But Beth has a good memory and hasn't forgotten it. " Andrew's Grandma's words were very powerful. With a pun, for a moment, Beth realized that Andrew's Grandma meant something else.

Previously, Andrew's Grandma had been ill in bed and Beth hadn't taken a look at her. But now, she was ingratiating herself with Andrew's Grandma.

She was not a fool. How could she not see that since Beth had come with a certain purpose.

Beth smiled awkwardly. She touched the short hair on her forehead and said, "I was busy filming all the time. I didn't come to see grandmother. Please don't blame me. In fact, I have also asked Mr. Andrew about your current situation, but he has always told me that he doesn't need my help on this matter. Moreover, Mr. Andrew has always been scrupulous in separating public from private interests. He has always treated me as a colleague of the company. I just know where Li Family's villa is recently. "

It would be fine if Beth didn't explain, but the more she explained, the more difficult it would be. Andrew's Grandma didn't like actors, let alone let Beth in.

If it were

. But I didn't expect that I would frighten Andrew's grandmother by doing so. Sal. Please remember to say sorry to Andrew's grandmother for me." Beth said as she picked up her bag and was about to stand up.

Sophia breathed a sigh of relief. She was leaving, wasn't she?

Sophia smiled, "In fact, I don't have much to say here. After all, Andrew's Grandma is the master of the family, and I just live here. But grandma is a good person, and she won't haggle over everything with you, Beth. Besides, you didn't do anything wrong, did you?"

Hearing that, Beth felt speechless. But she couldn't leave since she hadn't seen Andrew yet.

Not to mention that she had an agreement with Ryan. Before she came, Ryan had given her a death order that she must see Andrew. If she could really see Andrew and confirm his injury, the Li Group would support her for three years.

She had the priority to choose a role for any movie invested by the subsidiary company. How could Beth not be tempted by such a rich chip?

"It's late now. I should go back. If I don't go back, I'm afraid my agent will scold me to death. I'm really sorry for disturbing you today." With a fake smile on her face, Beth stood up slowly as if she was going to leave.

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