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   Chapter 279 A Haunting Woman

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 3257

Updated: 2020-09-22 00:03

They had moved to Li Family's house for a few days. During these days, both Andrew's Grandma and Sophia tacitly didn't mention the past.

They even didn't mention Linda. As a result, Sophia lived a comfortable life. But the good times didn't last long. Not long after she moved back to the Li Family, Beth came to her today.

n her hand to Sophia and said, "I made them myself, so they must be more healthy than the food I bought outside. This time, even if I didn't make cakes, they are all bread without water. You can have a taste when you are free. Or, if you want, you can help me to send one to Lady of the Li Family. Then I'll trouble you. “

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