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   Chapter 277 Having A Chat

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 3066

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"But judging from your complexion, you must be healthier than us." Replied Sophia with a smile.

Andrew's Grandma sighed and stood up, about to leave. "From today on, I am sorry that Frank will feel wronged. I'll tell them that you have something urgent to deal with and will go abroad for further study for a period of time. From now on, you're going to play my grandson, and someone will bring you food and drinks. But the only thing is that you can't leave this room. Oh, right, for safety's sake, I have to make Sop feel wronged in the future. You can give him food and drinks. If there is no problem, we can make sure it. I have other things to do. "

"Of course I will do whatever grandma says. But I have to make a deal in advance that you will give me a holiday when Andrew comes back. I want to go on a holiday!" There was no trace of estrangement in the attitude of Frank and Andrew's Grandma. They must ha

lly told her that you and master had come back, so she asked the dinner to be prepared well. It was late for dinner today. What would you like to eat? I'll make it for you. "

Startled by the enthusiasm of the aunt, Sophia quickly stepped back and waved her hands. "I'm not hungry. I'll just bring some Western food."

Andrew's Grandma happened to come downstairs. Seeing that Sophia was looking for food in the kitchen, she waved at her and said, "Sop, don't eat too much western food. It's not nutritious at all. I haven't had dinner with anyone all year round. Please have a good meal with me tonight."

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