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   Chapter 168 News About Sophia's Mother

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 2930

Updated: 2020-07-28 00:12

Sitting on the chair in front of her, Sophia saw a simple bowl of noodles.

"The noodles smell so good. What did you make them for?" She looked at Adela beside her in surprise.

Adela looked at Sophia, "Of course I did it with my heart!"

David and Andrew, who were standing next to them, looked at them, speechless. Only the two of them could say such sweet words to another woman and make her not disgusting.

After eating a large bowl of noodles in one gulp and drinking it up, Sophia wiped her mouth with a tissue with satisfaction and said, "I think this is the happiest thing in my life. The noodles are really delicious!"

"If it's delicious, you can come here more often. I won't kick you out." As she spoke, Adela went to get the bucktooth tea from behind.

She looked at the lively and healthy Sophia in front of her. It was probably the happiest time in th

vid patted his shoulder and said, "How can you be sure that the woman inside is Sophia? If it weren't for Sop, aunt would have lived a good life abroad. "

"You are wrong. Aunt Lin hates Sop. What a strong woman she is! When I was a child, I really envied her when I saw the two of them love each other deeply. I believe there must be a reason why Aunt Lin pretended to be crazy. After all, Sophia is her biological daughter. But if Aunt Lin hadn't been so upset, she wouldn't have hurt Sop like that. " Adela's voice was very calm, totally different from what David had imagined.

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