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   Chapter 156 The Little Princess of The Li Family

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 3103

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Leaning against the door, Sophia looked around, only to see a little girl with ponytail looking at her with disdain.

She looked like a toy Barbie in the window. It was the first time that Sophia had seen such a beautiful girl.

Debby snorted, straightened up and shouted, "You must be the aunt my daddy mentioned. Sit here!"

She stood up, rolled her eyes at Sophia and pointed at the chair beside her.

The teacher nodded to Sophia and asked her to sit next to Debby. Although the teacher didn't know why Debby's parents hadn't arrived, the children in this kindergarten were either rich or powerful.

"Now the children have to get on their seats. We are about to start the performance." the teacher asked several people who dressed like doll of Disney park at the door to come in, and then the teacher beckoned all the adults in the class to come out first.

The teacher led them to the next room and opened the door


She had seen Debby's attitude just now. Did she fear her?

Sophia carefully wrote down the homework arranged by her teacher and the extra-curricular materials she would buy after she went back. She went out of the class early to wait for Debby.

It was not until the staff in Billy clothes left that Debby walked out of the class unhurriedly.

She held her schoolbag with one hand, but looked around. When she saw Sophia, she pouted and said, "You, help me take my schoolbag. I'm starving to death. Bring me the milk from my schoolbag. "

Debby's attitude was not very friendly, but more like an order.

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