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   Chapter 152 Inappropriate

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 3052

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Andrew's car was conspicuous. A few meters away, Sophia saw an electric gray Rolls-Royce.

She couldn't think of a second person except Andrew to drive such a car here, especially outside the Li Group.

Sitting in the front passenger seat, Sophia was uneasy. After all, Andrew was a married man!

Sophia was a person with dignity.

Andrew seeing the silent look on her face, Sophia seemed to be a little afraid of him.

"Are you afraid of me?" He blurted out.

Sophia said, "I just think that you're married. If you cause unnecessary misunderstandings between you and Mrs. Li..."

Sophia hemmed and hawed, because she felt that everyone knew about this kind of thing. If she said too much, it would cause the conflict between Frank and Andrew again.

"What do you think?"

Andrew drove with one hand and a cigar with the other hand in disdain.

Seeing that he didn't seem to care about it at all,

drew found it interesting. This woman not only looked like Sophia, but also looked like her when she was thinking.

Andrew pinched Sophia's chin and said in an extremely unfriendly tone, "Who on earth sent you here? Why do you stay with me?"

Seeing this, Sophia immediately panicked. Didn't he ask her to work in the Li Group? Why did he say that now?

"Mr. Andrew, I really don't know what you are talking about. Didn't you ask me to be your assistant?" Sophia asked.

Andrew put down his hand and burst into laughter. This woman was so stupid.

"Don't you think that I have a purpose for you?"

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