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   Chapter 150 No One Is Normal

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Deb smiled, "If you don't want to leave, you can stay here for the time being. If you want to eat anything, just tell me and I'll make it for you."

After hearing this, Sophia felt very happy. It was not too lonely to have Deb with her.

When she woke up, it was already the afternoon of the second day.

Sophia was a broad-minded woman. She hadn't visited this place well yesterday. When she woke up, she went downstairs and planned to take a walk around.

The man on the sofa was sitting sullenly and sipping his coffee. He didn't relax his knitted brows until he saw Sophia come down.

"Mr. Andrew?" Sophia asked in surprise.

She didn't expect Andrew to be here.

Andrew said, "Okay."

"You will work in Li Group a week later. Only Frank can cure grandmother's disease. As for you, you have nothing to do. " Andrew's tone was so gentle that even he himself felt confused.

Because Andrew had been sitting here for nearly three hours!

Of course, Sophia didn't know that, but she was excited at the thought of working.

Life abroad was both happy and boring.

Sophia had always wanted to find a job, but Frank refused her with various reasons every time. It was not easy for Mr. Andrew to tell her that she could work in the Li Group, so Sophia was overjoyed.

Andrew thought that Sophia would be unwilling, but judging from the expression on her face, he didn't see any sign of unwillingness.

This woman was quite interesting.

"In the past, he was with Jin every day. He was so strict with himself that he didn't have any fun at all. When he went to work in the Li group, he couldn't make several friends." said Sophia to herself.

She was very calm about her appearance!

Andrew left in a hurry after saying a few words to Deb.

After Andrew left, Deb took Sophia t

. Master asked me to take you back to Li Group. " The Mio explained in a serious tone, but obviously it didn't work.

"Oh," replied Sophia. She didn't care about the relationship between this man and Andrew!

The Mio sent her to Li Group and left in a hurry because he had other tasks.

When she got into the elevator, Sophia was extremely excited to see the girls dressed as white collars around her. They were in groups of three to five, but she was herself.


A sharp female voice came from not far away. Her voice was very high, but it sounded like fear?

Linda's hand holding the Starbucks trembled slightly, and the two cups of coffee fell to the ground. The strong smell of coffee in the elevator drifted around.

"That's impossible. You are dead, aren't you? Who the hell are you? "

As Linda spoke, she staggered back, as if she was afraid that she would be eaten alive. Sophia touched her head and her face. It didn't matter. Why didn't she meet a normal person today!

"Do we know each other?" It took a long time for Sophia to say that. Of course, Linda was also shocked. If it were Sophia, how could Sophia not know Linda, but if not! Who would this woman be?

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