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   Chapter 149 Expired Snacks

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 3459

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"Miss Lin, what's wrong with you? Are you not feeling well? "

Deb asked anxiously.

Sophia shook her head, "Sometimes I have a headache, but I'll be fine as long as I can get up."

Deb arranged a guest room for her and filled the bathtub with water before she left. After a comfortable shower, Sophia fell asleep.

In her dream, she seemed to dream of the man called Andrew.

He was sacred and inviolable, but for a moment, she dreamed of the scene of her marriage with Andrew, and then the feeling of suffocation after being soaked in water

She suddenly opened her eyes and saw the dark surroundings in front of her. Sophia rubbed her eyes. Fortunately, it was a dream just now!

When she fumbled for her phone, Sophia found that it was already one o'clock in the morning. In a trance, she realized that there seemed to be nothing wrong with her waking up at this time. After all, she hadn't recovered from the jet lag yet.

She opened the door and walked into the kitchen, thinking about finding something to fill her

king for trouble. What does he want? " Sophia murmured as she helped Deb wash the vegetables.

Deb sighed, "Mr. Andrew was almost sentenced. When the judge pronounced the sentence, he knew that Mrs. Li had committed suicide."


Sophia was even more confused.

It seemed that the rich clans were not as envious as the outsiders. Everyone's success was backed by countless lives.

The spaghetti cooked by Deb was to Sophia's taste. She had never eaten such food abroad.

"You are really good at cooking. Deb, you must teach me how to cook in the future. Otherwise, I will probably cry if I want to eat something in the future. " Sophia said to Deb like a spoiled child.

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