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   Chapter 147 The Reunion Five Years Later

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Five years later

Holding the freshly made Bento in her hand, Sal rode a bicycle through the crowd. Oh, no, it was already half past one in the afternoon. It was most likely that Frank felt dizzy because of hunger.

She finally arrived at the clinic of Frank as fast as flying.

Several nurses outside the door saw her greet her warmly, and Sal replied, with the Bento in her hand, she rushed to Frank.

"Frank, I wanted to make noodles with tomato and beef brisket today, but you weren't at home. I didn't know how to switch on the gas..." explained Sophia with difficulty.

Frank just pursed his lips and smiled.

"Then you can cook for me next time."

As soon as he finished speaking, he was stunned.

A black Benz G650 sped past the clinic and a man in Black got out of the car.

The man in the front was as cold as ice. When he got out of the car, he looked down at the surroundings. Even before he raised his head, Frank had already panicked.

"I'm so sorry, Sal. You can go to the hospital and get an injection for Daisy Ge. We don't have enough hands to take care of her when she gets a cold. It's time for you to learn something." Frank urged Daisy Ge to let her go to the next room.

Before Andrew entered the clinic, he vaguely saw a familiar figure.

That woman looked exactly like her!

Without giving Andrew time to think, Frank strode forward and looked at him excitedly, "I didn't expect that Mr. Andrew would come to my clinic one day. It's really a blessing in the ass."

Andrew stared at the place where Sophia left, stunned for a long time.

"Andrew, you haven't told me what you are doing here,"

"I'm looking for you. Grandma is sick."

He was still as cold as a few years ago. He even wanted to solve the problem with an expression when he spoke. Of course, if possible.

Frank was in a d

y? You look stupid. If she is shot by some drunkard... "

Thinking of this, Frank was really worried! He had no choice but to take the risk to bring Sophia back.

"I'm sorry, Sal. You go back and pack your clothes. I'll take you back soon. Maybe we need to go back for about a week... A month... I'm not sure. " The latter part of the sentence was said by Frank, who was staring at Andrew.

Come back?

Sophia had always heard that the great rivers and mountains in the country were so interesting, but Frank had been lying that she was lack of money and had to stay here to save lives and heal the wounded. Now she could finally go back!

"You are awesome, Frank! I knew you wouldn't lie to me! Ho-ho! "

Sophia was so excited that she jumped in the room like a child. She grabbed a large bag of candies from the table and put it into her bag. "I won't be able to eat such delicious candies when I go back home. I'll bring them all. I'm afraid that I will be suffocated by the spicy food in the hot pot... "


Andrew almost suffocated at the sight of her. Was this a dream?

However, it didn't matter whether this woman was Sophia or not. Andrew had ten thousand ways to verify who this woman was.

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