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   Chapter 145 A Happy Foe

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All of a sudden, as if it was not the right time to provoke her, Bessie said, "TSK, TSK, TSK, TSK. I'm afraid I'm too poor to even afford to eat. How could I have the mood to drink here? "

The man didn't take her words seriously at all. He glanced at Bessie with disdain, picked up the glass in front of him, raised his head and gulped down all the wine in one gulp. Then he gave a loud burp.

The air was filled with alcohol and the smell of leek?

Bessie frowned and took a deep breath. She didn't expect that there were so many people here.

"Miss, would you like to join us? Have a try. What's the difference between the wine you bought with five thousand dollars and the Budweiser wine I bought with fifty dollars? " The man in Levi's had a snicker on his face, as if he was watching a joke.

Bessie thought that the man didn't look well when he dressed in shabby clothes.

"What's the difference? Don't talk to me like that. "

After saying that, she arrogantly turned around and left with a glass of wine in her hand. The waiters beside her passed by and were still laughing at her.

The man threw the glass in front of her and said, "I don't want to talk to a woman like you either. You are wearing famous brands. I don't know who brought you here."

Hearing this, Bessie was like a furious lion.

In a rage, Bessie turned around and raised the glass full of whiskey. She raised her hand and poured it directly on the man. "I don't need to be with any man. I didn't wear clothes worth less than five figures when I was a little girl. I'm different from the woman you said!"

"It's the same. We are all wise people. What's the difference between women?" The man said with a smile.

On the other hand, Bessie was intrigued. She was almost driven mad by Andrew these days. She asked the waiter to bring her a dozen of drinks. Then she sat next to the man, raised her hand and drank them all.

"Come on, I've never been slandered like this since I was a child. If you have the ability, don't talk too much. Let's drink together." As soon as Bessie finished her words, she raised the glass and drank it up.

Half an hour later.

After drinking for three rounds, the man's face turned red and he even faltered when he spoke.

What's worse, Bessie had become a lunatic.

Louis Ye chased after Bessie and asked, "What the hell are you doing? Let me tell you, these things are very expensive. If you break them, you can compensate. "

"Go ahead. It doesn't matter even if I buy it for you..."

Bessie kicked hard at the back of Louis Ye. She had already lost her mind, and Louis Ye beside her could do nothing to her.

All of a sudden, Bessie was talking with Louis Ye happily and then fell on him.

Just now, she mocked him for being a loser

Louis Ye held Bessie arm and staggered towards the hotel upstairs. The woman in her arms was sound asleep and leaned against him from time to time.

The bar counter sta

tack of cash from her bag and threw it on the table.


After leaving the money, Bessie rushed to the shopping mall to buy a new dress and changed her clothes. Then she went back to Li Family carefully.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Andrew sitting on the sofa.

"Andrew, I didn't expect you to come back. Why didn't you tell me in advance?"

"I came back last night. Where did you go with Bella?"

Andrew put down his iPad and asked word by word.

Damn! He came back last night! Where is Bella? Where did she go?

"Andrew, you seldom come back these days. I really miss you so much that I won't stick to you like other women. Please, can you give me a little love, even just a little? " Said Bessie in a tearful voice, pretending to be affectionate.


The word eroded Bessie's fiery heart.

After saying that, Andrew tidied up his suit and turned around to leave. Seeing his receding figure, Bessie was surprised.

"Why? Why can't I get any care from you? You can't even treat me as before. You bastard, Andrew!" She roared and smashed the furniture one by one in the villa.

As soon as Bella came back, she only saw the room in a mess.

Bella didn't know what had happened, but in her memory, Bessie had always been a violent person, and she didn't dare to say anything more to punish her silently.

When she went back to her bedroom, Bessie saw the bruises all over her body. At first, she was worried about what she would do if Andrew saw her like this, but now she didn't need to worry at all.

Because Andrew had no interest in her at all.

Moreover, from his tone, she could tell that this man was most likely disgusted with her.

Lying on the bed, she no longer cared about her image as a lady. She would win only when she went to TM. No matter how hard she tried, she still lost in the end!

All of a sudden, Bessie's phone buzzed. It was from Louis!


Bessie's brain was running fast.

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