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   Chapter 144 The Life Of A Rich Lady

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 3524

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Bessie was just trying to bury the evidence that Sophia had existed in the past. As long as it was within her control, she would destroy it all.

Confused, Bella asked casually while tidying up the coatroom, "Miss, most of the things you threw before were new. Are you really going to throw them away?"

Throw it away?

If possible, Bessie would like to demolish the villa and rebuild it.

"They are all left by the dead. Bad luck." Lost in thought, Bessie gritted her teeth and answered.

Seeing this, Bella didn't dare to stay here any longer. She picked up a pile of clothes and fled out of the cloakroom in dejection.

In the past few days, Andrew either didn't go home, or just looked around to have a rest in the study before leaving in a hurry. Every time Bessie tried every excuse to persuade him to stay, Andrew would have all kinds of reasons to refuse.

It had been eight days since the last time Andrew came back.

Bessie was no longer as energetic as before. Her face was pale and bloodless. She leaned against the bed of the co

urprising that the belt on the man's jeans was almost broken.

She raised her eyebrows and looked at the man up and down with great interest. The most expensive brand on the man's body was Levi's, which was the same style as when she was in primary school. Bessie pursed her lips and spat.

"I want twenty bottles of Budweiser beer. I... I just saw the signboard outside your door. You are doing 50 dollars and 20 bottles, right?" The man stammered with a red face.

The girl at the bar counter was also experienced. She had worked here for a long time and had seen all kinds of people. Whether it was 50 dollars, 20 bottles or 2000 dollars per glass, it was just a matter of Commission for her.

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