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   Chapter 142 An Arranged Marriage

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 3202

Updated: 2020-07-15 00:12

The only two people Andrew could think of were Mio and Bessie, but Mio had no reason to do such a thing

As a result, Andrew hated Bessie more.

The wedding date was too tight. If Li Group didn't have a film studio, it would be a joke to make wedding photos overnight.

At the thought that Andrew was going to marry Bessie on the second day, Andrew couldn't fall asleep all night. He sat on the balcony alone, drinking one glass after another.

He thought of what had happened to Sophia, but he couldn't figure out why Sophia had taken it so hard, nor could he figure out who had asked Sophia to take the blame of the Li Group.

Wrapped in a blanket, Bessie walked slowly to the balcony.

"We'll be a couple tomorrow, Andrew. I know you are under pressure, but I won't force you. If you say you don't want to marry me now, I will leave immediately. "

"Bank, media. Did you arrange it? "

Although Andrew was drunk, he still wanted to ask.


swering any questions other than business conversations.

However, it was rare for Bessie to have such a genuine smile on her face.

The wedding was held in the Church of Princess Castle. Although it was only held in the local area and did not go abroad, it was unprecedented grand.

Andrew didn't think so.

All of a sudden, something flashed across his eyes, which reminded him of the past when the priest pronounced a vow and questioned whether or not Andrew was willing to marry the woman in front of him.

Andrew hesitated for a long time. When he finally saw the sigh of Andrew's Grandma, he hesitated and said, "I do.".

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