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   Chapter 132 Sophia Finally Woke Up

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 3102

Updated: 2020-07-10 00:12

After a long walk, Andrew's brain was still buzzing.

He stared at the motionless Sophia in bed for a long time. It was like a nightmare. He wanted to keep his mind clear, but he felt exhausted.

Andrew woke up David and Adela, "You can go back and have a rest. I'm here."

David rubbed his sleepy eyes and pulled Adela back. "Let me take you back to have a rest, Adela. Here comes Andrew."

The sleepy Adela followed David and the two walked out of the ward one after another.

A week later.

For a whole week, 168 hours, Sophia lay still in the ward.

As usual, Andrew worked day and night. After being busy, he went back to the ward to sleep with her. When he was not here, David and Adela were there. Although the two of them didn't wake up when they were asleep, at least the two of them loved Sophia sincerely, so he was relieved.

Every day, Andrew asked Mio to prepare nutritious meals for Sophia and send t

ie doll that girls liked to play at home.

He didn't move.

Tears were welling up under her long eyelashes.

Andrew gently wiped her with a silk handkerchief and said, "Sophia, have you slept enough?"

The man's voice was hoarse.

In her dream, Sophia heard that. She couldn't open her eyes because of the dazzling light. With difficulty, she opened her mouth and said briefly, "Andrew."

Although the sound was very low, in this quiet ward, the sound of the needle falling on the ground could be heard clearly. Andrew heard it.

Andrew stared at her in disbelief. Sophia just opened her eyes slightly.

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