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   Chapter 109 The Ins And Outs

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 3775

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But it was only her own wishful thinking at the moment. Sophia had been thinking carefully.

However, it was obvious that she was very impatient. Finally, she couldn't help but blurt out, "it's a win-win situation for both you and the Li group. Didn't you tell me before you signed the contract with Johnny? It's up to Andrew to decide when to terminate the contract. "

Bessie asked tentatively.

In fact, she only knew the contractual relationship between Sophia and Andrew.

But as for the content of the contract, she didn't know it until Linda and Ryan told her.

Bessie was just to confirm that the two didn't lie.

But Sophia had thought a lot. She wondered if she should really go abroad and get a large amount of compensation as what Bessie had said, so that she could start a new life abroad with her mother.

"Bessie, after all, it's not a small matter. How about I discuss it with Andrew first?" Sophia looked at Bessie sincerely.

Bessie said, "He is very busy now. You don't need to tell him about such a trifle, or you don't believe me? Since Andrew asked me to come to you, it means that I can repres

with professional ethics.

She rolled her eyes at Sophia in disgust and said, "I won't tell you if you weren't the daughter-in-law of Li Group. Forget it. After all, you're Sophia. But we have signed a confidential agreement when we entered the company. You know that no big change in the company can be revealed to the public! "

Immediately, Sophia grabbed Adela's arm and listened carefully.

It was not until now that Sophia knew all the details. Perhaps not knowing since when, the company would lose hundreds of millions of dollars in financial affairs every year. Until now, not to mention anything else, only those people knew it. It was already as high as eight hundred million.

"With so much money, why did Andrew end up like this?

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