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   Chapter 105 Entanglement

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 3652

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As soon as Andrew saw Sophia, he took her back as soon as possible.

When she left, she changed her clothes and found that the wound on her leg had unexpectedly broken. The corners of her mouth twitched because of the pain. Enduring the pain, she pressed the wound with a tissue.

She had thought that she would come back soon, so she didn't want to cause any trouble. It wouldn't be too late to come back and bandage her wound.

Sitting on the plane, she had been in pain for ten hours.

Andrew looked at her wriggling her body back and forth, and even said with some disdain, "what do you look like? An ancient man always stands as easy as a bell, and you look as if you are bondless."

After Andrew scolded her harshly for the third time, she finally couldn't stand it anymore. She had to endure the pain. She didn't want to be scolded to death at such a young age.

However, when she sat down, she kept sighing.

Out of curiosity, Andrew glanced at her and saw that her cotton linen skirt was soaked in dark red liquid.

"Your leg?"

Andrew said with hesitation.

"It's ok

ake a decision on this matter, so he had to ask for his boss's permission first.

Finally, with the permission of Andrew, she was allowed to go to see her mother first before going back to the hospital.

When she went back to her VVIP ward, she only felt that one of her legs was about to be broken. When she walked, she only felt that the whole piece of meat was numb and did not feel anything.

"Oh my God, Sop! You are finally back. Let me tell you. If you and Andrew don't come back, we will go abroad to look for you. " As soon as Adela saw Sophia, she pounced on her.

Not to be outdone, David added, "so you mean that Andrew is going to elope with Sophia."

There was too much information for Sophia to react.

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