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   Chapter 100 Waiting For The Right Time

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 3101

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Not long after, the door of Sophia's room was opened, and a group of people came in with makeup tools and dresses. It was not the first or two times that she had experienced such a scene. Sitting in front of the dressing mirror, she looked expressionlessly at herself as a Barbie doll being manipulated.

Although there was no communication during the whole process, in less than half an hour, Sophia stood in front of the fitting mirror, dumbfounded.

The dress that just arrived at her ankle can show her snow-white feet. The icy blue fabric made of all silk. There was something hidden in it.

Under the reflection of the light, the dress looked sparkling.

Before she could enjoy it enough, the housekeeper appeared again and took her to the side hall of the manor.

As soon as she arrived, she was dumbfounded. At least thirty people here were all dressed in the same way as her. But judging from the colorful huge


you are welcome?

[林菀浠] then heard the men behind her arguing, and someone even gave up voluntarily. If she was not deaf, she could hear it clearly. But there were so many people in the room, but they didn't hear [厉墨凌]'s voice. This was the real reason why she felt flustered.

She had been playing tricks with her hands behind her back all the time. She waved her hands crazily at her back, hoping that Carlos could see it.

The noise didn't stop until a long time later.

In this noisy place, if it weren't for the gunshot from Tracy, [林菀浠]'s intuition told her that it was not easy to offend her.

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