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   Chapter 94 Negotiation

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 3068

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In the eyes of Adela, Sophia was not disabled now! Sophia hobbled to the elevator.

"Honey, if you rush into the meeting room now, you will only cause trouble even if Andrew and Ryan fight." Adela complained while walking.

Hearing this, Sophia rolled her eyes and said, "But anyway, I have to go. At least someone in the company has to side with Andrew. Otherwise, how can we live a good life with Ryan as the CEO? "

"What you said is not completely unreasonable, but when he went out, Andrew didn't ask you to go. It's not appropriate for you to come back to the company without permission, right? "

"Let's go first!"

Supporting Sophia by the arm, Sophia and Adela went to Andrew's office first, but unfortunately, it was empty. It was also because of the fact that both of them were in the meeting room that Sophia rushed there.

Standing outside the meeting room, Sophia knocked on the door first, but

ven to me by him..."

"I've already told you that Carlos is now unconscious. What's the use of taking this thing to the court? You don't even have the protection of the law. How can you be so confident to fool me? " In a fit of anger, Andrew pushed all the items on the table in front of him to the ground.

Although Ryan hated him so much, he could do nothing to him.

"Does it work if Father tells you personally?"

"I'm the chairman of the company. Can't I decide who will be the CEO?" Andrew cast a cold glance at Ryan.

At this moment, Sophia realized that she was the purest woman in the world.

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