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   Chapter 93 An Ambitious Man

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 3147

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"To be honest, I like the soup cooked by Andrew's grandmother, but it's too much trouble for you. When I am discharged from the hospital, I will go to see you first. At least I have learned these skills of cooking soup. " Said Sophia with a smile.

Hearing what she said, Andrew's Grandma must feel sweeter than eating honey.

On the other side, Adela also rubbed a bowl. There were only four bowls in the purple sand pot brought by Andrew's Grandma just now.

"Sop, if I hadn't had the soup made by Andrew's grandmother, I would have said that you were flattering her. It's different now. The soup made by Andrew's grandmother is so delicious! "

A satisfied smile appeared on Adela's face.

"You two flatterers."

Andrew curled his lips and grumbled with disdain.

"You just can't be forgiven. I've told Sophia a long time ago that if you want to drink my soup, just call me. I don't have other abilities now. I can give you mon

e! Ryan wants to usurp the power now. Adela, please do me a favor and take me to the company! " Sophia looked at Adela with determination.

Adela sighed. Of course, obedience was better than politeness. She couldn't dissuade Sophia at all.

The car stopped at the gate of Li Group.

At this moment, Sophia was a little scared.

"I... I think the icy face will scold me when it sees me later..."

Adela said, "Honey! It's you who are coming, okay? You said you would kill Ryan on the way, and you even declared your sovereignty. "

Adela said. Even if she had millions of complaints, Sophia had to bite the bullet.

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