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   Chapter 92 Andrew's Grandmother's Thoughts

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 3021

Updated: 2020-06-20 00:12

Sophia couldn't just sit by and do nothing. The noise outside became more and more intense.

"I just read the news that another woman committed suicide by jumping off a building because of the stock market." As Sophia spoke, she looked at Andrew's face, which was darkened all the time.

After a while, when Sophia repeated the words for the third time, Andrew said indifferently, "So what does this have to do with you and me?"

Hearing this, Sophia was furious to the extreme. How could there be a man like him in the world!

"Anyway, it's all your trick. I'm afraid you only have money left in your heart now!"

"If you put all the blame on me, is it reasonable?"

Andrew said gently and angrily.

This woman was really much more troublesome than he had imagined. Before this, Andrew hadn't seen that Sophia was such a meddlesome woman.

Andrew slammed his coat on the table and snorted,

andma's hand tightly, Sophia said, "It's all my fault that Andrew's Grandma has to worry about us every day. The condition of the hospital is good. It's not as harsh as Andrew's grandmother thought. "

"I've cooked this soup for sixteen hours. I know you don't like meat either. I specially picked out all the chicken before I went out. I'll get it for you. Drink it while it's hot. "

Before she could say a few words, Andrew's Grandma couldn't help but take care of her. Sophia had to drink the soup first.

How could she refuse? Sophia had to admit that Andrew's Grandma was good at cooking.

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