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   Chapter 54 A Scheming Guy

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 3193

Updated: 2020-06-01 00:12

Before Sophia could react, Andrew's Grandma said again, "now I've given all the shares to Andrew. Since you said that you two love each other, I'd like to see how long you can still love each other."

Andrew's grandmother was determined. Sophia knew that she had no right to interfere in other people's family affairs, so she stood aside silently.

After a while, an evil and attractive smile appeared on the corner of Andrew's mouth. He then held her in his arms dotingly and said, "if there's nothing else, we'll go first."

Looking at the situation, she guessed that Andrew had already known what would happen tonight. She thought to herself.

'This man is really not simple. He is so thoughtful. If I don't pay more attention to him, I will be sold by him sooner or later. '.

On the way back, sitting in the car, she wanted to ask for the answers she didn't know many times

"In fact, you have already known that your grandmother is going to

erson he is? Let's go. Don't be angry. I'll take you to eat something delicious! "

Being comforted by her, she agreed to change her clothes and go out with her.

The two stepped on the gas and went straight to the commercial street.

There were a variety of snacks in the neighborhood, which had already made her forget the quarrel with Carlos.

With great interest, she pointed at the octopus ball on the right and looked at her with a pleading face. "Good girl, you invited me here today..."

As she spoke, she put her palms together to make a pitiful look. At the same time, Adela had to sigh, and followed Sophia's mind.

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