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   Chapter 53 Share Transfer

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 3073

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Of course, what Linda knew better now was that she came to Li Family uninvited.

This place was under the control of Sophia. If she went too far, Ryan couldn't help her.

From beginning to end, Carlos had been watching the fight between Linda and Sophia from a distance. If nothing had happened to Lin Family, he would definitely be on Sophia side, but

"Mr. Andrew, my mom told me that grandma was not feeling well recently and her waist was not in good condition. We went to buy a massage chair." When he spoke, Ryan pretended to be submissive, which made Carlos happy.

After all, [老夫人] Li didn't like Fu Yin all the time. If Fu Yin could be persistent to please her, [厉建溟] believed that people's hearts were full of flesh and blood.

Unexpectedly, the [老夫人] of the Li clan just glanced coldly at Fu Yan, [付金金] and the others, and then said indifferently, "well, since you are here to send something, I don't

drew's grandma would behave like this.

However, the first person to refute was Ryan!

"Grandma, you are still so strong. I have to admire the Li Family. They are really rich." After saying that, he sneered contemptuously, but he felt uncomfortable in his heart. After all, he was still an illegitimate child, and Andrew's grandma didn't take him seriously.

The old lady didn't respond at all. She sighed and said, "since everyone is here today, I have something to tell you. It's impossible for me to ask Ryan to divide the shares equally with Andrew in the Li group, and he is not qualified to do so. "

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