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   Chapter 34 Being Proposed Weirdly

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 4838

Updated: 2020-05-22 00:13

Taking a glance at her at the door, Adela rushed to Sophia's side excitedly, closed her laptop, and pulled her out of the office by the arm.

"Really? You are married to Andrew, not the Li Group. Let's go. If you don't go out with me tonight, I will be anxious with you today!" As she spoke, she ruthlessly closed the door.

At the same time, the only thing Sophia wanted to do was to sleep.

At the thought that she had to play a loving couple with Andrew on such a grand occasion tomorrow and that she couldn't disgrace the Li Family, she trembled with fear.

Sitting in the cold and tender car of Adela, she smelt the pungent smell of formalin.

When the car arrived at the ring road, it was dark around. Lying idly on the passenger seat, Sophia swiped her V neck with her mobile phone and rolled her eyes at Adela.

"Didn't you say that you would take me out for fun? You took me to this remote forest in the middle of the night. Besides, we two women, this place is not safe..."

Before she could finish her words, a bonfire was lit up not far away.

All of a sudden, the whole sky was lit up, and fireworks filled the sky above the right side of the car of Adela.

When the fireworks reached a certain height, they exploded in the air, and several words were arranged in a neat and orderly row.

"Will you marry me, Sophia?"

The cars passing by all slowed down, and some even parked their cars aside to take photos.


Standing in front of the French window of the corridor, Sophia looked out of the window, absent-minded.

Suddenly, she felt a warm current coming from behind her. As soon as she turned around, she saw that Andrew was standing behind her with a glass of water in his hand.

"Drink some water to calm down." Andrew's tone was a little hesitant, but neither cold nor warm.

"Oh," Sophia took the cup, thought for a long time and asked, "You must have spent a lot of time preparing these today, right?"

He looked at the confused look on Sophia's face. Her innocent tone made him silent. Then Andrew replied, "You have to do your best to act."

Hearing this, the hand holding the glass paused, and Sophia was stunned. Somehow, after Andrew said that, there seemed to be a thorn in her heart, a dull pain.

Did she flatter herself? Sophia asked herself again and again.

Of course, she didn't know how much effort Andrew had put in this proposal tonight.

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