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   Chapter 29 Junior Military Counsellor

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Sophia burst into laughter. She and Adela went into the office of the human resources department together and smoothly handled the entry formalities for Adela.

"Linda was so unreasonable just now. I'm sorry. I didn't know she was also in the company at the beginning." She looked at Adela apologetically.

The two of them went into the elevator one after the other. At this moment, they were going to ask Andrew to arrange an office for Adela.

Taking a deep breath, Adela said, "do you think I will lower myself to the same level as her? My silly baby, I came back this time to help you. I must help you get back everything that belongs to you. "

She didn't know why after hear that words, her heart felt warm. The two of them looked at each other and smiled.

At the door of the Andrew 's office, she saw the nervous look on Damian's face.

"Damian, where are you going in such a hurry? Arrange an office for Miss Adela first. " As she spoke, she looked around the empty room beside her office.

Damian pushed his glasses apologetically and said, "Mrs. Sophia, the meeting is not over yet. How about we wait for a moment?"

His tentative gaze was particularly cautious, and it was not until then that Sophia realized something.

"You go to the meeting room first. I'll get the record computer!" As Sophia spoke, she ran towards her office.

Her funny look made Adela want to laugh. Damian was embarrassed. He pursed his lips and sped up to the meeting room?

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Adela went to the bathroom to fix her makeup.

When Sophia came out, she saw the empty corridor outside. She thought that Adela and Damian had gone downstairs, so she didn't take it seriously.

In the meeting room.

Andrew was still dignified. He looked at the person who was speaking in front of the PPT, and sometimes picked up a pen and paper to take notes.

At this moment, the door of the meeting room exploded inside!

Just listening to a sound, Sophia looked a scene that Linda was lying on the ground on all fours. She was disheveled and angry from embarrassment. When she saw everyone's eyes gathering on her, she didn't hide anything and tried to jump up to revenge!

Standing behind her, Adela with a beautiful smile, the delicate makeup surprised Sophia.

She walked straight to the front of the PPT, followed by Linda.

Before everyone could figure out what was going on, Andrew glanced at Linda with his sha

rp eyes. Suddenly, Damian and other strong men dragged Linda out.

"Miss Leng is the new negotiation consultant our company hired. Now let's welcome her to make a self introduction." Damian's connection was perfect.

With a slight smile, Adela stood up and said, "I've heard that the Li Group is a big company. How can a shrew get in and out freely? But it's my honor to be your colleague. I hope we can work together and make a bright future in Li group. "

Although in Sophia's heart, she thought that what Adela said was very good, there were still only discussions below.

After the meeting, everyone left. The first thing she did was to rush to the side of Adela. She winked at Damian, indicating him to leave first. Then she asked anxiously, "what happened just now?"

"Let's go out and see what the crazy woman can do."

There was still an expression of unsatisfied on Adela's face.

However, Sophia was still a little worried. If this matter was really made a scene in the Li Group, it would have a certain impact on the reputation of the Li Group.

As soon as the two of them stepped out of the door, Andrew scolded, "that's enough. You should pay more attention to your image in the company. Sophia, don't you need to deal with the meeting? "

When she was about to retort, she stopped, because of Andrew's face.

After a while, she lowered her head and said "Okay" before she went upstairs slowly.

With a snicker on Adela's face, she curled her lips and said, "in my opinion, one thing can conquer another."

After entering the elevator, Adela told her everything that had happened just now. It turned out that she met Linda outside the meeting room. She didn't expect that Linda would take the opportunity to revenge on her. Adela kicked her to the ground. Of course, Adela did this completely because she knew Linda well. Just as there were so many people in the conference room, Linda did not dare to do anything.

As soon as the two of them stepped into the Sophia's office, Damian came over and told Adela that the office was ready.

Helplessly, the whispers between the two girls stopped abruptly. Sophia could only type.

Looking at the lines of words on the screen, all the words in her mind had now become Chinese.

With a long breath, she opened the door of the office and quickly walked into the tea room. She poured a glass of warm water, and before she could drink it, it was knocked to the ground.

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