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   Chapter 28 They Lived Together

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"Then what's the point to arrange a room for two women? I'll sleep with Andy." David blurted out without hesitation.

Sophia felt embarrassed and kept her head down and didn't say anything. After the waiter left, the four of them asked for two more bottles of wine.

At that time, it was difficult for Sophia to walk. She felt dizzy. When she went back to her room, she saw in a trance that Adela had entered the room, and she walked forward with Adela

But as she walked, her legs became weak and she was about to fall to the ground.

A warm arm suddenly held her in his arms, surrounded by a pleasant and familiar Mint smell.

"Ha ha, it smells good..."

With a simple smile on her face, she raised her head and tried to see the man in front of her clearly, but she felt as if her head was as heavy as golden. In an instant, she fell into the man's arms.

In a trance, she seemed to have fallen on a warm bed, but it was as unreal as a dream.

She drifted off to sleep. Outside the window, a ray of slight sunshine shone on the bed, making it warm.

She yawned and stretched leisurely. Suddenly, she felt something touched on the right side of her arm, like a human

It was soft and warm.

The moment she lifted the quilt, a shrill scream pierced the room.

Obviously, the person on the bed was disturbed by her behavior. He turned over impatiently.

His strong arms and perfect figure were just like what a God had drawn in person. There was no doubt that she saw everything.

Instantly, she blushed like a monkey's butt. She quickly took off the quilt and covered it on her chest. Embarrassed, she asked, " Why are you here? "

With a sly smile on his face, the man grabbed a pillow and put it under his neck lazily. "I should ask you this question, shouldn't I? But, a couple sleep on the same bed. What's your objection? "

Hearing the provocative tone of Andrew, Sophia's face turned even redder.

Just when she was about to find a crack to tuck herself in, there was a quick knock on the door.

Clang! Clang! Clang

Immediately, she was shocked.

Behind the glass window of rows of tables and chairs, with one hand holding her chin, Adela looked at Linda thoughtfully.

After a while, she cast a sidelong glance at Sophia and said, "Linda, it's your bitch cousin again!"

Sophia's eyes darkened. When she was young, she had had a conflict with Adela becau

se of Linda.

"I have told you that your little bitch cousin is not a good person. You just don't listen to me." She looked indifferent, and talked about Linda more indifferently.

That year, Adela saw Linda steal Sophia's mother's cosmetics. After the exposure, Linda not only denied, but also slandered Adela. In the background, it can be said that Adela has given her the pain, and Linda still has a psychological shadow to this day.

Sophia looked at Adela carefully. 'Adela was always so smart that she could see everyone accurately.

If I had listened to her and kicked Linda out of my house, would things not have been like this today?

When they came to her senses, the two of them had walked to the door of the human resources department. Linda was showing off her newly bought bag to several department managers in an arrogant manner.

Linda's face changed at the sight of Adela and Sophia coming together. In an instant, her face turned pale, but in order to cover up the fear in her heart, Linda acted like a host and said, "it's Adela. I haven't seen you for so many years. You are much more beautiful than before. Do you work in the Li Group?"

She first gave her a big praise, and then quickly asked why she had come.

When Sophia was about to say something, Adela stopped her, "this company's surname is Li, not Lin, right? Even if I came here to sleep, it's none of your business. "

Hearing this, the people behind them began to discuss, "isn't Linda the wife of Mr. Carlos' illegitimate child?"

"I've told you that the bastard can't be the head of the family..."

Hearing the discussions of the people behind her, Linda's face was particularly embarrassed. "Why do you have to be so mean? I didn't mean to reveal the fact that you stole my aunt's cosmetics that year."

Sophia heart jolted. She had already seen through Linda as a vindictive person, but she had never thought that Linda would end up like this.

"Linda, are you saying that dogs bite first? Since I was eight years old, I have set up a separate activity room for me. The dressing room is bigger than your house in the slum. Sure enough, a leopard cannot change its spots! "

At that time, everyone knew what had happened.

Linda was so angry that her face turned red and her neck became thick, but she didn't dare to do anything big. She couldn't do anything as she did in her childhood.

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