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   Chapter 27 Secrets Of The Manor

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 4617

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"Humph! Andrew is cruel and merciless. I've heard that Ryan is also not a good guy. He first slept with Miss Sophia, making a bankruptcy for her family, and then ran away with his sister-in-law! He was forced Sophia's father to commit suicide! "


Those men's aggressive words might not Andrew him at all.

But the last sentence really touched Sophia's heart, and her eyes were moist.

If it weren't for her willfulness, her father wouldn't have died for injustice.

Andrew glanced at Sophia gently and comforted her, "don't think about what others say. It's not your fault. It has nothing to do with you and me."

Hearing this, David became interested.

He held Andrew's arm and looked at him curiously. "Are those people telling the truth? Does Mr. Carlos really want to share the Li group with you and that little wolf dog equally? Does Mr. Carlos really want to give you Li Group and that baster equally? Andrew, I'm not blaming you. When did you become so soft hearted? "

On their way to the restaurant, David kept asking questions. Both of Adela and Sophia had been used to it.

Not knowing why, seeing David's expression, Sophia became less angry with those people, but she couldn't help but feel funny and want to laugh.

"Do you think anyone can steal my things?" Andrew said, but his eyes were still fixed on Sophia.

Seeing this, Sophia blushed and lowered her head. Adela giggled and couldn't straighten up.

However, David was still confused. His EQ was too low to know what had happened.

The four of them lazily walked into the dining room of the manor. When they came in, Sophia found that there was a special place! Simple Zen decoration inside, built-in Japanese-style tatami. Everyone had to take off their shoes before entering the room. They walked around a large hall and found a chic box at the corner.

Sophia and Adela sat side by side, opposite to Andrew and David.

"Anyway, today's party is for Miss Adela and me. Why do you invite us to such a shabby place?" David looked unsatisfied.

"I heard that all the seafood in the garden was air freighted from Hokkaido, and the appointment had to be made a month in advance. Mr. Andrew must have made great efforts for today's meal."

'Make an appointment in advance for a month?'


d, she glanced at Andrew.

The waiter brought a few small wine bottles, the style is exquisite, but compared to those white wine bottles, this one is much smaller.

David glared at the waitress discontentedly and said, "you look down upon us. There are four of us. But you came in with three bottles of wine. It's not enough for me to quench my thirst! "

"What are you talking about? This wine is easy to get drunk. If you can drink three bottles of wine by yourself, you can ask me to do everything in the future! " Then, she raised her glass and put it in front of David.

Looking at Adela look on his face, David was not kidding at all. He was not reconciled and added, "we came out together to play. Why are you targeting me! No, I want to go with Andrew and Sop, too. "

They were all her friends. One was a good friend of Sophia, and the other was a good friend of Andrew.

In fact, there was nothing to worry about. After a long time of choice, the four of them decided that it was better to play boxing, because as an idiot did not know about wine table culture like Sophia, she had nothing else to play except boxing.

"Rock Paper scissors!"

"Hey, Andy, you lost again. Fine you for drinking!" As he spoke, David refilled the glass in front of Andrew.

Andrew didn't say anything. He just took a meaningful glance at Sophia, raised his glass and drank it up.

After a round of the game, a pot of wine was filled in front of everyone.

To be honest, David was drunk now, and even Andrew felt dizzy.

"Hahaha, every dog has his day. Now [小浠浠] is going to drink. Look, Adela. It's not that I don't want to drink. I'm really thirsty, but it's not my turn. "

As David spoke, he winked at Adela complacently.

Looking at the blushing Sophia, Andrew peremptorily took the glass in front of her to himself.

He didn't say anything and just drunk it.

Instantly, David was dissatisfied with the result. Adela lost the last few rounds.

David also drank for Adela, imitating Andrew. "It's no big deal. I can be tender to women."

Time flied, almost one o'clock in the morning.

There was a sudden knock on the door. After getting permission, the waiter cautiously opened the door and said, "Mr. Andrew, there are only two rooms now. What do you think we should do?"

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