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   Chapter 26 A Sudden thought of Adela

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 4626

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Adela busted into a laugh, "It seems that you didn't make much effort to invite me, Mr. Andrew. The Lang family and the Lin family are old friends. Don't you know that Sophia and I are childhood friends?"

Then she cast a weird glance at David.

Hearing that, David was intrigued. He pointed at the two sexy beauties on the sofa and said, "I'll ask someone to send you back first. We're going to have dinner."

When David spoke, he didn't care about the feelings of the two women at all. However, the reaction of these two sexy beauties was beyond Sophia's expectation. They answered with a gentle smile and even blew a kiss to David before leaving.

Seeing that David seemed to enjoy it, Sophia couldn't help but smack her lips.

Adela touched Sophia's belly by arm secretly and whispered in her ear, "I hate this kind of idle and ignorant rich man most. They fool around with girls all day and depend on their rich daddy. It seems that he thinks he is awesome."

Unfortunately, David heard all of her words.

He was annoyed, pointed at Adela and scolded, "You, what you said just now? Who would depend on his father! My model company is founded by myself. I'm neither idle nor promiscuous! Amorous and promiscuous are not the same!"

"I know. You Mr. David Song are just a playboy."

After saying that, Adela rolled her eyes at him. David was so angry that he sat aside and drank a whole cup of coffee, without saying anything for a long time.

Satisfied, Andrew sat on his chair to deal with the rest of his work. After more than an hour, he stood up and glanced at David. "Sure enough, one mountain is higher than the other. Let's go for dinner."

Everyone could tell what Andrew meant by his words.

Sophia's displeasure when she stepped into the office disappeared in an instant. She followed Andrew towards the parking lot with satisfaction.

As soon as David arrived at the parking lot, he provocatively pressed his car key.

Not far away, a dark grey Porsche 911 came into view. The tire was changed to the style of trotting horse lamp.

At the moment when a row of shining lights lit up, Adela immediately covered her eyes and said, "Do you have to make it be so shining? It seems that you are eager to tell the whole world that your father is rich."

"Alas! Why are you

talking like that? Every woman likes my car. It's so cool! You have no aesthetic taste at all!" Being angry and fierce, David took Andrew's arm.

Immediately, Andrew pulled David's hand off with disgust and disdain.

The arrogant David got in the car alone, but he didn't idle up his restless mouth. He glared at Adela with displeasure and said, "Come here if you dare. Come with me. I'll let you know what a divine car is!"

Adela threw her bag directly to Sophia and gave her a reassuring look. Then, she pulled David out of the driver's seat, shook the car key in her hand and looked at Andrew. "Mr. Andrew, do you want to race?"

"You? You'd better stop asking for trouble! You can't handle the horsepower of my car." David looked at Adela in fear.

But after being glared at by Adela, he obediently sat on the passenger seat without saying a word.

The two cars set off at the same time. With a guileful smile at the corners of Andrew's mouth, he asked Sophia, "Do you think your best friend can outrun our SUV with a sports car?"

Sophia shrugged her shoulders helplessly.

The cars ran on the hillside Road, which was sparsely populated. Seeing that the speed of Andrew's car was more than one hundred and fifty per hour, but it was still not able to catch up with the car of David and Adela, Sophia burst into laughter. "My bestie is not an ordinary woman."

Under the guidance of David, they arrived at a farmhouse on the top of Heshan.

The decoration was elegant and there were singing birds and fragrant flowers everywhere. As soon as Sophia got off the car, she was immersed in the beautiful scenery of the paradise on earth.

"Hey, Adela, can you teach me how to do it? Just now, you swung the car 360 degrees all of a sudden. How did you do that?" David followed Adela and kept asking questions, but she just raised her eyebrows and snorted.


Sophia was amused by them.

Not far away, a group of middle-aged men in suits and leather shoes walked towards the parking lot. It seemed that they were all drunk unconsciously.

"Well, you don't have to visit the Li Group frequently. Carlos has more than one son. Ryan is going to work in the Li Group soon."

"That's right. From my opinion, it is hard to tell who will succeed the Li Group in the future."

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