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   Chapter 25 Psychological Attack

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Not far away, a grayish brown Bentley SUV parked at the exit of the airport. A man in a black suit stood outside the car. At a glance, Sophia could tell that the man was Damian!

Damian was surprised to see the two of them come out, but out of politeness, he quickly reached out his hand to pick up the suitcase in Adela's hand.

Adela curled her lips. Then she exchanged a glance with Sophia and the two got into the car.

To their surprise, Andrew was not in the car.

"Miss Adela, Mr. Andrew said he was busy today and couldn't come to welcome you in person. Later I'll take you to the apartment arranged by the company." Damian said as he glanced at the two women in the back seat.

Unexpectedly, Adela replied with a gentle smile, "Then go straightly to the Li Group."

As Adela spoke, she signaled Sophia with eyes that she knew what to do. Sophia had been friends with Adela for many years. And now Sophia didn't have any collateral relatives. Therefore Adela was the only one she could trust and rely on.

Damian hesitated for a while and looked at Sophia with embarrassment. "Mrs. Andrew, how about I call Mr. Andrew and inform him first?"

"Does Mrs. Andrew need to report to Mr. Andrew first that she is going take me to the company?" Handsome boy, be sane okay?!"

Speechless, Damian had no choice but to drive. He couldn't help thinking of the scene he saw before leaving the company.

Holding the steering wheel, Damian didn't drive more than fifty miles on the way, which made Adela suspicious. "Handsome boy, if you can't drive, why don't give me the car key? Let me drive it okay?"

In the face of Adela's doubts, Damian did not dare to drive too slowly. He speed up the car immediately.

They arrived at the downstairs of the Li Group soon. Embarrassed, Sophia didn't know whether she should go upstairs or not.

Adela was Confused. She patted Sophia on the shoulder and asked, "What's wrong? We're already downstairs. Why don't you dare to go back to the company?"

With the encouragement from Adela, Sophia followed her naturally to the upstairs.

Standing in front of the door of Andrew's office, Sophia was about to knock but her hand stopped in the air.

After a while, Adela helped her to knock at the door. With a gentle knock, the door opened a crack. There was a noise inside, the voice of men and women can be heard.

Adela glanced at Sophia

in surprise. Sophia shrugged her shoulders to show her confusion. Adela knew clearly that Sophia didn't know what was going on inside either. At that moment, Adela even felt a little regretful. It was not easy for her best friend to get happiness. What if...

After summoning up all her courage, Sophia opened the door with one hand.

All the people in the office stared at the door in surprise. They were even more stunned when they saw Adela and Sophia.

The man, who was standing upright next to Andrew, wore a loose Hoodie, a pair of flaxen cotton casual pants, and a cigarette in his right hand. He looked at Andrew playfully.

On the sofa not far away, two well-dressed and sexy women attracted the attention of Sophia.

One of them wore a tight slip skirt with long curly hair to the waist.

The other one wore a tight T-shirt and a miniskirt. It was autumn now. Sophia really admired these two provocatively dressed women.

It was quiet. With a displeased look, Sophia glanced at Andrew and said, "I'm sorry to bother you. I'll go back first."

Her tone was not very friendly, while the two women on the sofa were still fiddling with their newly manicured nails.

The strange man quickly quickened his pace and took a step forward to stand beside Sophia. He smiled cunningly, "Sophia! I know you."

"David Song!" Andrew scolded.

He pulled David Song aside unhappily. Then he gently looked at Sophia and held her hand naturally. "This is David Song. He just come back from Hawaii."

Obviously, Andrew didn't want to explain too much about the two beauties on the sofa.

Sophia raised her left hand politely to show her friendliness. "Nice to meet you, Mr. David Song. My name is Sophia Lin."

"Damn it! Andrew! Why do you do this to me! Humph, Sophia, I come back to attend your wedding with Andrew. You take away my baby Andrew, and I am so lonely so I invite two beauties in Hawaii to accompany me..." David Song said in a coquettish tone. No, it couldn't be described as coquettish. It was bizarre!

There was an embarrassed and bitter smile on Sophia's face. Adela, who was left aside, rolled her eyes at David Song and said, "What a playboy."

"Alas! Who is the playboy? Who are you?" David Song's retort caught Andrew's attention.

Andrew looked at Adela up and down in surprise and then asked Sophia, "You two have known each other for a long time?"

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