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   Chapter 24 Mr. Andrew's College Classmate

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The last call was two years ago when she asked Adela to pay for those imported medicine to treat Becky's neck disease. When pressed to answer, Sophia was very hesitant.

"What took you so long to answer the phone? Did you do something shameful with your father?" The enchanting voice on the other of the phone made Sophia's heart tremble. She didn't expect that after a few years of separation, Adela didn't change much.

The worries in her heart were relieved, and she couldn't help but burst into laughter. "You are so naughty at these years. Now, you are a doctor at least and you should act like an adult. Why do you call me?"

"The news about you and Andrew has spread all over the world. I came back to attend your wedding. I've arrived at the airport! "

airport? Her brain was buzzing. This must be the best news she had heard these days.

She grabbed her handbag with ecstasy and glanced at Snow awkwardly, "well, Miss Snow, I'm really sorry. My best friend just came back. I have to go to the airport as soon as possible. I'll buy you a cup of coffee next time! "

Just now, when she picked up her phone, she saw the name of the caller on it.


After graduating from an internationally renowned University of Finance and Economics, she successively obtained a master's degree in finance and psychology.

In the Leng Group, both domestic and foreign medical devices produced by their companies, including the largest CPD charity, also founded by Leng Group.

A year ago, Snow had been familiar with this woman, but she didn't expect that Adela was Sophia's best friend!

It was beyond her expectation.

"Anyway, I'm off duty now. It's difficult to take a taxi here. Let me drive you there! " Snow wisely pointed out what Sophia needed to worry about, and without exception, Sophia agreed.

Sitting in Snow's car, Sophia's heart had already been floating in the air, and her mind was full of Adela.

Finally, they arrived at the airport. After parking the car, Sophia quickly got out of the car and walked towards the exit of the international flight. Although it was far away, the location of the Adela's station immediately became a beautiful scenery line.

A petite woman carried a large suitcase, her light flaxen hair floating in the wind. Her fair and tender face made Sophia feel that Adela looked more childish than before. She had a p

air of slender legs under the limited Guardian clothes of the Balenciaga.

With a smile, she smoothed the hair on her forehead and said, "honey! My dear baby, I finally see you! "

As soon as the two met, they cheered up, while Snow stood there awkwardly.

After a while, she came to her senses first. Adela looked at Snow up and down and politely reached out her hand, "Hello, who are you? Sophia's friend? "

Obviously, Adela was surprised. With a gentle smile, Snow began to introduce herself, "I'm Mr. Andrew's classmate in college, and now I work in the hospital where Mrs. Sala is. I happened to have coffee with Miss Sophia today. When I heard that she had something urgent to come to the Airport, I sent it to her by the way."

Unexpectedly, Adela immediately took out a delicate gift box from her bag and handed it to Snow. "This is what I brought from abroad. This is our first meeting, and it was treated as a gift. Thanks for your help today. I've called Mr. Andrew. His car is outside the airport now. "

Outside the airport?

'Andrew is also here?' Sophia looked at Adela with a surprised expression.

In fact, she was a little upset.' After all, Adela had informed Andrew of the return of her. Why couldn't Adela tell herself?'

Snow was sensible. She smiled and said, "I'll take this gift. Thank you, Miss Adela. I happen to have something to deal with, so I have to go now. "

She was quick in thinking. After saying that, she smiled at her and turned away.

"Are you curious why I didn't tell you when I called him! Andrew sent someone to Australia to invite me back to be a negotiation counselor for the Li Group. Do you think it's fate? " As she spoke, she winked at Sophia.

Obviously, it was hard for Sophia to digest what Adela had just said. After a long time, Adela took her suitcase with one hand and dragged Sophia out of the airport with the other. "Let's go. Your dear fiance doesn't know our relationship. It happens that I will meet Mr. Andrew today to see if he is a playboy in the rumor."

The two of them walked out of the airport one after the other. On the way, Adela looked at Sophia with pity.

Her concern was obviously just right, and she did not ask Sophia about Lin family. When she was in Australia, she had known everything she should know. No matter how much she asked, it was undoubtedly to hurt Sophia again.

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