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   Chapter 23 A Mother In A Mental Hospital

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 4757

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"Well, are you available later? Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me after work? " With a smile, Sophia pointed at her watch, indicating that it was already half past six.

Thinking that Andrew might have something important to deal with and left in a hurry at the wedding dress club, she pursed her lips and said, "okay. I don't have anything else to do anyway."

She accompanied Snow to change into casual clothes in the dressing room, and the two slowly walked towards the elevator.

"Miss Sophia, will you mind if I call you Sophia?"

There was a hint of uneasiness in Snow's eyes when she spoke. "I won't mind. I'll call you Snowy from now on!"

It seemed that it was easy for women to make friends.

Seeing the innocent smile on her face, Snow couldn't help smiling cunningly.

This is just the first step she has taken, and everything next is probably under her control.

When they came to the underground garage to pick up the car, Snow actually drove a Lincoln SUV!

This really surprised her. Even if the car was not a luxury one, the MKC one was really domineering. In comparison, she had thought that Snow would be a delicate girl, which had broken her imagination.

"Is this your car?" She couldn't help but ask in surprise.

Snow opened the door for her politely and said with a gentle smile, "in comparison, this car is the king of price performance for the same price. In fact, I prefer that kind of cool car. Who says that girls must be gentle?"

The two looked at each other and smiled.

In less than five minutes, Snow drove her to a luxury coffee shop near the school district not far away.

Outside the door was a simple European style decoration. When she walked in, she saw a photo wall.

The simple but elegant decoration really impressed Sophia.

To her surprise, there was no waiter here!

The two of them came to the small attic on the third floor, one in front of the other. Snow opened the ordering system on the table skillfully. About more than 30 minutes later, a robot came slowly with two cups of coffee.

"Wow! excellent! How did you make it? " From time to time, Sophia praised in surprise.

Snow squinted at the artificial intelligence robot beside her.

From the beginning, she could guess that the rich girls like Sophia were mostly dumplings with no connotation. As for her, she was a fem

ale doctor who graduated from a famous university in China, even if she came from a poor family! But Snow can understand how to wrap herself into a wealthy rich woman with internal and external values in the acquired context, rather than just having an appearance.

Snow, who graduated from the psychology department, immediately launched a psychological tactic to her. "Sophia, I heard that you and Mr. Andrew didn't know each other for long. Are you going to get married? Love at first sight? "

Every word was a stepping stone.

Sensitive topics and sharp questions. After thinking for millions of times, Sophia replied slowly, "in fact, we have known each other for a long time. It's not love at first sight. Mr. Andrew is a good man."

too bad!

A low voice came from the bottom of Snow's heart. Sophia answered ambiguously whatever she wanted to know.

Snow sipped the fragrant coffee as she spoke. Her tone was extremely contemptuous and intriguing.

Hearing the meaning of Snow's words that she had hooked up with a rich husband, Sophia quickly waved her hand and retorted, "no, no, No. in fact, I think money has nothing to do with taste. I'm sure I married Mr. Andrew not because he's very rich. "

Perhaps it was because Snow and Andrew were classmates that Sophia was very nervous when she spoke.

She was afraid that if she said something wrong, Andrew would have a bad reputation among his college classmates.

As a result, the expression in Sophia eyes kept changing, and the cold sweat on her palm when she spoke was noticed by [Snow.

Again, Snow wanted to go deep into the forbidden area in the heart of the girl in front of her. "I think Mr. Andrew is very kind to you. Generally speaking, there is no need to hire a nursing worker for the service in our hospital..."

"Ring, ring, ring..."

After a while, Sophia's phone rang. She smiled awkwardly and glanced at the phone. It was a call from a woman called Adela!

Adela and Sophia had been playing together since they were in their childhood. But when they were in college, Sophia had chosen to study in the same university with Ryan.

As for Adela, she chose to go to Australia, and has been studying abroad during the period.

Adela didn't even attend the wedding of Ryan and Sophia. Of course, at that time, she was sure that they wouldn't be a couple for a long time.

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