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   Chapter 22 Oscar-winning Actress

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The special assistant of the medical staff saw the arrival of Sophia. She frowned and walked towards her helplessly. "Miss Lin, Mrs. Lin is so hard to please. She behaves as if she were queen!"

Glancing at her mother on the bed, Sophia looked at the medical care in confusion and asked, "What happened?"

"Your mother, she has to order sea cucumbers or abalone and fish wings every day. We are in the hospital. Where can I get them? After washing face, she still don't think the towel is made of silk. I think she is in a good mood. You can take her back! "

The tone of the medical lady was not pleasant to hear. After thinking for a while, Sophia touched the card in her bag and said, "Well, can you invite two more aunts for me? I can double your salary. As for my mother, if you need anything, just call me and I'll buy it for you. "

When she spoke, she kept her eyes on her mother on the bed. The pain in Sophia's heart was that she would like to care her mother.

At this moment, she only hoped that through her own efforts, her mother could go back to the past. She didn't want to lose her mother again after losing her father.

Hearing what Sophia said, the medical lady's face lit up.

While flattering her, she helped her carry the bird's nest. "Oh, I've told you that you are the only filial daughter in the hospital. Mrs. Lin, look at who comes to see you with the best bird's nest!"

Following the direction pointed by the medical lady, Sophia's mother turned around and saw Sophia The moment she saw Sophia, she roared as if she was possessed by a demon, "Help! Someone was killed! Sophia! Old Lin! This woman wants to kill me... "

She screamed and stepped back. Half of her body was about to fall off the bed.

Sophia stepped back in fear. Her eyes were red and her throat was so dry that she couldn't even call her mother. Sophia's mother scolded her crazily, which made Sophia heartbroken.

The gentle and virtuous mother became like this, and the sweetness between the mother and daughter suddenly stopped.

Time seemed to stand still at this moment. The medical lady looked at Sophia in confusion, "Miss Lin, how about you go back first? Mrs. Lin is like this, and you..."

The medical lady wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. Her words and behaviors indicated that she wanted to see Sophia leave at the moment.

Tears welled up in her eyes. Sophia walked slowly to Sophia's mother and knelt down with a flop. "Mom, I'm Sophia. Look ca

refully. It's me! "

Her wail attracted Sophia's mother's attention. Sophia's mother looked at her hesitantly and fumbled for a long time

Sophia's mother grabbed the pillow on the bed and threw it on Sophia. "You are not my precious daughter! I tell you, get out of here! Otherwise, I will call the police! You murderer! ........"

The word "murderer" thundered in Sophia's heart. Yes, she killed her father indirectly, didn't she?

Seeing that Sophia stood still, Sophia's mother couldn't help jumping out of bed and trying to beat her.

Under the watchful and dissuasion of several nurses, Sophia finally walked out of the ward.

At this moment, in her heart, even if Sophia's mother beat her up, it was at least a good way to relieve the pain in her heart.

In a mess, she walked slowly to the public toilet. After making up, Sophia straightened her clothes and walked out.

Several nurses at the corner whispered to each other.

"How can we be as lucky as her? Besides, she was born in a rich family and now she has a rich, handsome man..."

"I heard that the salary of her mother's nursing worker doubled, and her monthly expenses would be almost one hundred thousand dollars. It's really poverty that limit my imagination!"


Even though she was living such a miserable life now, there was still someone who envied her so much?

With a frivolous look, Sophia cast a cold glance at the nurses and said, "You are gossiping behind my back. You would go to hell if you die."

She pretended to be talking to herself, and the people who had just whispered to each other immediately moved aside.

Their faces turned pale as if they had seen the plague.

The head nurse not far away saw this scene and shouted, "You guys, all your bonus for this month is deducted!"

The head nurse, who had been serious just now, changed her face three hundred and sixty times when she saw Sophia. "Miss Lin, I'm really sorry. Don't worry. This will never happen again."

Sophia was used to it.

"My name is Snow Song. In fact, I'm Mr. Li's classmate in college. When Damian arranged Mrs. Lin to come, it was me who arranged the VIP special care for her." Snow Song pushed her glasses with her right hand when she spoke.

Looking at the pretty face of Snow Song, Sophia didn't expect that she had become the head nurse at such a young age. What's more, she was Andrew's classmate in college. If she came here to see her mother next time, she would have a familiar person.

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