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   Chapter 21 Try On The Wedding Dress

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At the same time, John and Amy two happened to come and bumped into this scene.

John rushed to Joyce in a hurry and held her tightly in his arms. "Baby, are you okay? Did you fall? "

Looking at the humble care and concern on John's face, some emotion rose in the bottom of Sophia's heart.

How much a man loved a woman in order to be so humble? It was obvious that Joyce was disheveled and lying on the ground just now, but John's first reaction was to ask her if she had fallen down.

Glancing around at the people who were staring at her silently, Joyce smiled awkwardly and said, "I'm really sorry to make you worry about me, but I'm fine."

"Joyce, you'd better stop being so pitiful. I, Andrew, am not easily cheated! "

Andrew's rebuke in public made Sophia tremble with fear.

Hearing this, Joyce's body trembled slightly, and her face turned red. She looked very embarrassed, and tears welled up in her eyes.

She walked carefully to the side of Sophia, pulled her arm and whispered, "Miss Lin, it's really not what you saw just now. I, I'm really sorry, if I did something inappropriate just now. I didn't mean to do that. "

They kept staring at Sophia. What could she say?

Shaking her head, Sophia sighed, "There's nothing to apologize for. As long as you're fine."

From beginning to end, Andrew fixed his sharp eyes on Joyce until she turned around and left.

Sophia thought it was just a simple try on the dress, but she didn't expect that there would be so many troubles. After taking off the wedding dress, she sat on the sofa in the private room with dull eyes and pale face.

After discussing the wedding details with Amy, Andrew walked quickly to the private room.

Standing outside the door, looking at the flustered Sophia, Andrew couldn't help but feel something indescribable in his heart.

"Just now, I saw that Joyce was about to fall down. I just wanted to help her..."

Andrew said in a soft voice, which was quite different from the way he talked to Joyce before.

Sophia gave the coffee in front of her to him, "Even if you have something to do with Miss Joyce, you don't have to explain to me. Besides, we are not really married."

When she spoke, her eyes were always erratic and she didn't dare to look straight at Andrew. It seemed that she was avoiding something, but she behaved so naturally.

Andrew didn't know how to respond to Sophia.

A phone call broke the

silence and embarrassment.

"Something happened in the company. Let me drive you home first. Have a good rest at home today. " As he spoke, Andrew quickened his pace.

Sophia nodded and got into the car obediently.

She looked around the scenery outside the window. The weather was really good today. Sophia almost forgot how long she hadn't been shopping. In front of the commercial street not far away, she said hesitantly, "Put me down here. I want to go shopping alone. You can go back to the company to deal with the business there."

Her voice was so gentle that even Andrew could not help but feel that he was about to sink into it.

However, he had to deal with the phone call just now. Before marriage, he had to deal with everything outside so that this stupid woman could be Mrs. Li at ease.

Walking along the commercial street, Andrew stopped the car slowly.

As soon as Sophia opened the door, he took out a card and said, "If you want to buy anything, use this card."

Standing outside the door, Sophia burst into laughter. "Am I your mistress? Mr. Andrew? Aren't you afraid that I'll spend all the money in this card? "

"How can you spend all, for it is without limit?"


Andrew's words was always beyond Sophia's imagination.

After a while, seeing that Sophia didn't take her card, Andrew added, "Go to see your mother. I'll deduct every amount of money you spent in your salary."

Hearing this, Sophia felt warm in her heart.

In fact, she knew that Andrew had helped her a lot. Sophia really didn't want to owe him anymore. But since he had said that he would deduct it from her salary, there was nothing to worry about.

The thought of her mother made Sophia's heart ache

After leaving Andrew, she walked alone on the square and bought two boxes of edible bird's nest soup from a relatively shop.

Sophia was very familiar with her mother's living habits. She used to eat a bowl of bird's nest soup every afternoon.

In the past, Sophia's mother had taught her hard that the edible bird's nest was a woman's lifeblood, and she had always been impatient to turn her head away and grumble that she didn't like it. But now, she thought that there was only one thing she could do now. That might be all.

Outside the hospital, many family members wiped their tears and walked out. She took a deep breath and walked to the door of Sophia's mother's ward with bird's nest.

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