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   Chapter 20 Please Behave Yourself!

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Hearing such an awkward response from Joyce, John agreed readily. He held Joyce's right hand and they went back to the dress hall.

The designer, Amy, was sitting next to Andrew and Sophia. She read the album in front of them and made introduction carefully.

Seeing the two of Joyce and John come back, Amy glanced at her assistant and said, "Go to the VIP lounge nearby and arrange a seat for Miss Joyce and Mr. John. I'll go there after I finish my talk with Mr. Andrew."

"Don't bother. I just thought that this dress was too complicated. I will just choose one in the hall. I'm afraid I can't make it since I'm in such a hurry." With an awkward smile, Joyce pulled out a chair and sat next to them.

Seeing this, Sophia felt embarrassed.

Sophia had thought that Joyce would leave soon, but she didn't expect that Joyce would come back and even sit next to her.

Pointing at a piece of sketch in the upper right corner of the album, Sophia cautiously glanced at Andrew on her left side and asked, "This dress should not be finished yet, right? But it looks simple and beautiful. What do you think about it, Andrew?"

"Miss Sophia, you have a good taste. We haven't finished the design yet. But the sample is ready. Do you want to have a try?" Amy stood up with a smile, picked up the key and handed it to her assistant to get the dress.

During the whole process, Andrew didn't say too much but only nodded.

After Amy's assistant left, the dress hall was terribly quiet. Joyce grabbed the album and pointed at the sketch on it in surprise. "John, look, this dress is so beautiful. Its name is White Pigeon. Miss Sophia, your taste is really good. I like it very much."

Joyce leaned against John with a charming smile.

John pursed his lips and said in confusion, "In fact, I think women's dresses are almost the same. No matter which one you choose, you will look very beautiful."

Immediately, Amy pointed at another dress of similar style on the album and recommended, "To be honest, Miss Joyce, sexy dress is more suitable for your temperament. Would you like to have a look at this one?"

Hearing Amy's introduction, Joyce's eyes were still fixed on Sophia. After a long time, seeing that Sophia didn't say anything, Joyce was a little unhappy and finally agreed to try the dress introduced by Amy.

Because the dress Sophia had chosen was just a sample and hadn't been completely prepared, there were some troubles to deal with it.

So Joyce went to the fitting room first.

Finally, Amy took off all the clips on the sample dress. She breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Miss Sophia, I'm really sorry to keep you waiting. There's no problem now. You can have a try first. If this dress doesn't fit, we can do the alteration later."

Several assistants helped Sophia take the dress to the fitting room, and they happened to meet Joyce.

Joyce smiled awkwardly and walked up to John. Covering her belly with hands, Joyce pouted her lips shyly, "I've tried the dresses for a long time. I'm so hungry. Go and get me something to eat with Amy. I have a hypoglycemia. I really can't stand it."

Although Amy knew about the grudges between Joyce and Sophia, she had to take John to the restaurant downstairs to get some desserts.

John looked at Amy with bitterness and embarrassment in his eyes.

In the fitting room, the assistant treated Sophia as a queen, which made her a little flattered. Even her underwear was changed by assistants.

Sophia stood in front of the dressing mirror. Her waist was too slender.

So the assistants had to insert a few more clips in the back. After made the dress neat, Sophia carefully glanced at herself in the mirror.

Although she didn't wear any makeup, the simple and noble dress set off her perfect figure like a Barbie.

The design of the chiffon on her shoulder made her looked more immortal.

With a red face, Sophia walked out of the fitting room and strolled towards Andrew. As soon as she picked up the dress and looked in the direction of Andrew, she saw...

The woman's dress was almost down to her lower abdomen, and the upper part of her body was exposed to the public, including the nipple covers.

Seeing this, Joyce pulled the dress in a hurry and pushed Andrew away by one hand. Then she pretended to be considerate and explained, "No, it's not like what you think. Miss Sophia. It was my carelessness that tripped me just now. Mr. Andrew came to help me..."

Andrew was so angry that he took off his coat and threw it on Joyce.

"Miss Joyce, it's really a waste that you didn't get an Oscar. Please behave yourself!" There was more anger in Andrew's tone, and the temperature around quickly dropped to freezing point. In fact he was a little flustered. He pretended to be calm and looked at the woman beside him.

Not knowing how to respond, Sophia took a deep breath, walked straightly to Joyce and pulled her up.

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