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   Chapter 17 As Distance Tests A Horse's Strength, So Time Reveals A Person's Heart.

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 4677

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The strong men glanced at her and continued their work without saying anything.

The reaction of the workers on time surprised Sophia. She looked at Lisa at a loss.

"Lisa, did I do something wrong? I saw that everyone seemed to be unhappy to see me. " Sophia frowned with grievance. It was the first time she had been in such a situation.

"You are Mr. Andrew's fiancée. Everything you do is right." Lisa asked calmly. But if you want to pretend to be the wife of the crown prince, I'm afraid it is estimated that everyone will ignore you. "

As she spoke, Lisa touched her newly manicured nails. The bright red was very eye-catching.

Two hours passed in the blink of an eye. If she didn't hurry up, she might not be able to negotiate with Party A today.

Just in case of burning eyebrows, Sophia glanced around and found at the tall buildings on the side, a row of figures passed by, and Lisa on the other side was sitting in the lounge with his mobile phone.

After hitting the site, Lisa glanced down symbolically and then burrowed into the back lounge.

Sophia looked at the tall building carefully and confirmed that there were several men in suits and helmet. Then she quickened her pace and rushed upstairs.

As soon as she stepped into the building, she regretted immediately. Because the construction had not been completed, the elevator inside had not been installed. She recalled that she seemed to see the group of people on the seven floor just now.

She ran up the stairs, holding the contract tightly in her hand.

Finally, Sophia saw the project leader of Party A, she was lying on the stairs and breathing heavily.

"Hello, I'm Sophia, a representative sent by Li group. Mr. Andrew asked me to negotiate with you about this project." Even though Sophia was sweating profusely, she still looked at them politely.

The men in helmet looked at each other and glanced at her strangely.

"Oh, what's up?"

The one who spoke was Mr. Mason, the project director. His tone was full of disdain.

Perhaps because she had been shut out for a whole day, Sophia was also impatient. She took out the contract and handed it to Mr. Mason: "This is the latest contract plan. Please review it. If there is something wrong, we will then re-negotiate, I have submitted the contract to you. I'm going back to

the company, now. "

Just in front of everyone's eyes, Sophia turned around without hesitation and left.

Everything was within Lisa's expectation. Not long after she went back to the company, the news spread everywhere.

When Sophia returned to her office and sat down, Damian pushed the door open in a hurry.

"Mrs. Sophia. Party A called just now. It seems that they are very angry. What did you do in Party A's company? "

Damian stared at Sophia in confusion.

At that time, as if she was in a trance, she sat on the chair for a long time and said, "since I arrived at the construction site today, the representative of Party A has been missing. I waited for more than two hours, and saw someone building the construction building, so I went there..."

She told him everything that had happened today, full of grievance.

It was the first time that she acted like this in front of a stranger. Sophia regretted the moment when she finished her words.

Damian, who was standing aside with a dull face, scratched his head and then said, "Mrs. Sophia, I will truthfully report this matter to the CEO. But now you and the president are getting married and I have made an appointment for you to try on the wedding dress tomorrow.", Try on the wedding dress?

At this moment, she had no mood to try on the wedding dress.

"So this is the president's secretary's office. It's so magnificent. But didn't my father-in-law ask me to be Andrew's secretary first? Is there anyone in this office? "

A woman's voice came from outside. It sounded like Linda?

Sophia glanced at the door. She guessed right that the person standing at the door was Linda, followed by a little girl dressed in old-fashioned clothes. This little girl should be the nanny that Linda had found.

The eyes of the two face each other, and the anger in Sophia's heart rises instantly! She didn't expect that Linda would come at this moment. Wasn't this what she bumped into at the muzzle of the gun!

She opened the door, walked out of the office quickly, glanced at Linda and scolded, "Miss Linda, this is the company, not a vegetable market. If you want to quarrel, please change a place!"

"Hey, cousin, don't you think you are contradictory? We have the same surname. Who are you talking about? Me or you? " Linda said provocatively.

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