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   Chapter 14 Stepmother Came Out Halfway

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"Hello, Mr. Andrew."

Ryan stood up slowly and raised his hand, with a humble smile on his face.

Frowning, Andrew walked past him coldly and sat on the right side of Carlos Li. Next to Carlos Li was Becky, who glared at Andrew fiercely in the full glare of the public.

Following Andrew, Sophia only felt the silence of death, as if there was an indescribable smell of gunpowder in the living room.

"Well, we will be a family from now on. Andrew will be your brother. Just address him by name."

Noticing that no one spoke, Becky tried to be wise in her own conceit.

Carlos Li and Andrew looked at each other, as if there were swords and blades flashed through their eyes.

After Sophia took her seat, Andrew said, "Ms. Becky, watch your words. I don't have brother."

Hearing this, Ryan pushed his glasses and his face turned pale.

But Carlos Li was furious. He slapped on the table and shouted, "What about you? Didn't you find a dubious woman and take her home without my consent? Have I ever blamed on you? Ryan has grown up. What's wrong with finding his origin and returning to the family?"

Sitting next to Andrew, Sophia was frozen. She didn't dare to refute, nor did she know in what position to maintain the relationship between the father and son.

With a click, Andrew flipped the gorgeous European style tablecloth over with one hand, the tableware fell all over the ground.

"Didn't you arrange the marriage between me and the Lin Group? In this family, me or them, you have to choose one. Besides, if you allow the two of them step into this house, I will apply to my grandfather for freezing all the assets under your name."

Andrew's tone was firm and unassailable, and his sharp eyes were fixed on these ambitious people at the table.

Mr. Carlos Li was getting old after all. What he want was to enjoy his remaining years. Seeing this, he didn't want to make more trouble. What's more, the Li Group was his lifelong painstaking efforts despite the investment of Andrew's grandparents. He didn't want everything to be in vain.

After thinking for a long time, Carlos Li became convinced that a woman was really nothing to his wealth!

"You don't have to talk to me like that. Andrew. I'm your father. Of course, I will consider buying a house for them. Both you and Ryan are my children. I hope you can understand my feelings as a father." Carlos Li looked at Andrew with unprecedented tenderness in his eyes.

But after hearing this, Andrew still remained cold.

Not far away, Linda, who was wearing a pair of eighteen centimeter crystal stiletto and a limited edition dress of Givenchy, walked gracefully from the garden, with a flattering smile and gloating eyes on her face.

"Oh, it turns out to be my cousin. I didn't expect that our relationship is so deep. Sophia, have you already known the secret of Ryan's birth and wanted to seduce Andrew just because you couldn't catch Ryan?" Linda said while playing with the three carat diamond ring in her hand.

Ryan scolded her immediately, "What are you talking about, Linda?"

"Could any person enter this house? Mio, don't you have any rules?"

As soon as Andrew gave the order, Mio rushed

over and showed the door to these unwelcome guests.

Carlos Li failed to find an appropriate position to say anything about Linda's provocation against Sophia. He had to take his time.

But unexpectedly, Becky burst into tears and cried, "Oh my son, it's all my fault. You wasn't born of a good family, which made you suffer a lot from childhood. People said that you had a mother but no father! You have been wearing other people's old clothes since you were a child. I'm sorry. I am too ashamed to live in this world anymore!"

After saying that, Becky wiped her tears and was about to bumped on the Romanesque columns not far away.

Catching up with Becky from behind, Ryan held her waist, "Mom, what are you talking about? I didn't feel bitter since I was a child, and I feel grateful for your kindness to bring me up. Dad is such an excellent man, and I always admire him. I never hate you. Mom, don't take things too hard!"

Mr. Carlos Li, who had been sitting upright, couldn't help but stand up and walk forward.

Linda also wept while hugging Becky tightly. She took out a handkerchief customized by Hermes and wiped Becky's tears. "Mommy, what are you talking about? Daddy didn't say that he won't take care of you and Ryan. Besides, Mrs. Carlos was gone. No one knows what happened between you and Mr. Carlos Li before. It's time for you to enjoy your happiness!"

Linda bent over and whispered in Becky's ear, but she didn't expected that Becky gave her a cold stare.

Becky glanced at Carlos Li behind Linda and continued, "I know I shouldn't have stepped in other people's family and been a third party. I really deserve it! Leave me alone. Just let me die!"

Embarrassed, Sophia stood still and didn't know what to do next. Andrew embraced her with his strong arms. He gently stroked her shoulder and said, "You just need to stay obediently."

"Get up first. Let's have a talk. You're already an old lady. Why do you still want to commit suicide?" Carlos Li said in a helpless tone.

Hearing what Mr. Carlos Li had said, Becky knew that she should not leave the matter at that.

Linda wiped her tears and looked at Carlos Li, "Mr. Carlos Li, you are born of a noble family. It's hard for you to understand a child grew up in slum like us. What Mommy said is true. In fact, I always know that she loves you very much. And that is the reason why she didn't consider remarriage for so many years. After all, Ryan is your own son. Even if you don't want to accept Mommy, at least you should accept Ryan."

After Linda finished her words, Becky calmed down a little bit. Although Becky kept muttering how she felt sorry for Ryan and how she made Ryan feel bad, she didn't continue to commit suicide.

"We still need to take a long-term view on this matter. The success of Li Group is depended on the support of my wife's family. If I accept you two so abruptly now, not only will I be cursed, but also Andrew's grandparents won't let you off easily." Carlos Li glanced at Andrew while he was speaking.

Becky cast a vicious glance at Andrew and said slowly, "I know you will only have one wife. Your wife comes from a noble family. I'm just your bed partner, right?"

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