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   Chapter 13 Find One's Origin

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As a matter of fact, Joyce was indeed afraid of Andrew's arrival.

Sophia looked at Andrew. She didn't know whether she should go or stay. The men around her were very angry. In a panic, she brushed her hair in front of her forehead and calmly opened her mouth.

"In fact, I invited Miss Joyce to come here today. She also said that if we sit down and have a good talk, these misunderstandings will be removed."

She looked at Andrew with pleading.

Without saying a word, Andrew opened the document in his mobile phone and slammed it on the table. "Will she be kind? Joyce, take a good look at these. "

Hearing this, Sophia quickly looked at the screen.

The woman appeared in the room swaying and then the drug was given in advance in the wine.

That was to say, if she really drank the plum wine that Joyce gave her just now, there would get worse and worse.

"You played tricks in the wine on the day of signing the contract, didn't you? Joyce, do you think this video can ruin your reputation? " Andrew's tone was firm and his eyes were fierce.

Sitting cross legged on the futon, Joyce's face turned pale. She looked at Sophia in a panic.

Of course, if it wasn't because of the previous few times, Sophia would have been deceived by her. Joyce looked pitiful, not to mention whether Andrew would fall in love with her or not. At this moment, she felt sorry for her.

"Okay, this thing is even between you and me. Andrew, just for her, a woman whose reputation was ruined and abandoned by her ex-husband to hurt me. Sooner or later, I will take back everything that belongs to me! Don't be too proud, Sophia. Miss Li has never had a record that can be maintained for more than a year. "

Joyce was exasperated and sneered. The two people in front of her seemed determined to fight to her.

After Joyce left in a hurry, Sophia was finally able to relax, just looking at so many delicious things in front of her, although she didn't like to eat. But she was almost hungry.

When she lifted the chopsticks, she was stopped by Andrew at once. He said: "come with me."

Before she noticed, Sophia had already stood outside the hotel.

The two of them got into the car one after the other, and the mobile phone in the car immediately vibrated.

Sophia bent down and found it was Andrew's. A strange phone number came into her view. She looked at [厉墨凌], who was starting the car, and asked, "the ending number is 9999. Should I answer this phone?"

Hearing the end signal, Andrew was a little excited. He slammed on the brake, picked up his phone and looked at it for a long time.

It was not until the fifth ring that he pressed the answer key. "Chairman."

"Why don't you take the bride home to visit your family since you are going to get married? Come back now. I have an important thing to announce! "

Although he didn't put his phone on speaker, the silence in the car was enough for [林菀浠] to hear the conversation clearly on the phone. [老爷子]'s firm tone was more like an order, which made people feel a little uncomfortable.

After hanging up the phone, Andrew lit a cigarette and looked out of the window indifferently.

He always liked to be alone and self-s

ufficient. Sometimes, Sophia was confused and didn't know what she should do to get into his world.

Half an hour later, they arrived in the purple mountain villa district.

On the way back home, Sophia was already very nervous. Because she went home to meet his parents with Andrew. What if Mr. Carlos didn't like her?

Outside the villa, with an extremely unconfident look at Andrew, she said, "I might as well not go. you can send me back. After all, you also know what happen to me. It has been a storm in the city. I'm afraid that Mr. Carlos doesn't like me. "

She looked at the villa awkwardly. And she happened to see the car she was most familiar with.

That beige BMW MINI. She still remembered that when she wanted to pay Becky to buy it, Linda forced Sophia to give her a car too. At last, she carried a total of two cars that day.

Even if the cars were the same, what about the license plate?

How ironic it was! 1109 was her birthday.

The fake friendship between them was still vivid in his mind. Looking in the direction of her gaze, he was shocked.

Andrew's father didn't like to contact with the outside world all year round. There must have some reason that these two cars suddenly appeared in the villa

"What should we do? Linda and Ryan should be there. Are they going to talk to Uncle Li. I think I'd better go back. " She looked at him tentatively.

It was more likely that she was afraid of affecting the relationship between the two of them. She could do nothing because they were at here.

In a moment, the door of the villa was opened.

The butler of the Li family walked out of the door gracefully. When he saw Andrew and Sophia in the car, he bowed and said, "Master, you're back. I'll briefly report the situation in the room to you now."

While Mio was speaking, he was still looking at Sophia from the corner of his eyes.

After getting the consent from Andrew, MIO said, "Master, here is the thing. Your half-brother and Mr.Carlos' mistress came to visit you today, and Miss Sophia's cousin are all in the villa. "

Anger flashed through Andrew's eyes. He opened the door and strode forward.

His was so silent that even if Sophia can guess what is the situation right now. She guessed that he must have the intention to kill the Becky and her mother now.

Summoning up all her courage, she thought it must be a tough battle. Even though her mind was in a mess, she was sure what she was going to do now. He had helped her so many times before, and it was time for her to come in handy today.

"Oh, [少爷], [老爷], [少爷]!" Several nannies stood at the door with ecstasy on their faces.

After all, it was the first time they had seen such a scene in so many years, and none of them knew how to deal with it.

In the huge villa, she had seen six or seven nannies since she entered. Not to mention walking across the living room and stepping into the elevator, she was depressed when she hadn't seen Mr. Carlos and others for a long time.

Not far away, there were several people sitting at a three meter long European style classical table, with joy on their faces.

But the moment they saw Sophia, the joy disappeared in an instant.

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