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   Chapter 12 Terminate the Contract

Remarriage: Get A Taste Of Love By Luo Lijiang Characters: 7088

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Of course, Sophia didn't have too much time to be depressed. She was called to the financial office.

Rows upon rows of dark grey rooms, Sophia really couldn't find out which was the right one.

Looking at the colleagues around who were devoted to their work, Sophia intended to ask them for help first. But they just looked right through her. She finally gave up.

After searching for a while, Sophia finally found the financial office. As soon as she pushed the door open, she bumped into Lisa.

An unexpected scene came into view. With an enchanting face, the woman's delicate hand inadvertently scratched the collarbone of the man's neck.

"Well, Lisa, I'm sorry. I was about to knock on the door, but the door was not closed. I'm really sorry." Sophia apologize with an awkward smile on her face.

Lisa rolled her eyes at Sophia and pointed at her angrily. "Miss Sophia, I don't care what is the relationship between you and Mr. Andrew. At least you should have the quality, right? Come with me."

Lisa's sternness was beyond Sophia's expectation. Especially when she thought of the scene just now, Sophia began to worry that Lisa would make things hard for her.

Sophia followed Lisa to the office next door. Lisa went straightly to the desk, took out a folder from the drawer and threw it on the table. With her hands crossed over her chest, Lisa said in a condescending manner, "This is Miss Joyce's lawyer's letter of appeal for terminating the contract with our company. You go deal with it."

A lawyer's letter?

The questions kept popping up in Sophia's mind. 'Is it just a simple termination of the contract? Why does Joyce need a lawyer's letter?'

Then she picked up the folder and walked quickly to her office.

After sitting down, Sophia took a serious look at the appeal document. It was nothing more than a story about how Andrew humiliated Joyce in public. As a result, people thought that Joyce was a vicious woman and her acting career was in trouble.

The follow-up was the most ridiculous. It was said that because this matter had been reported on the news, the investors were very dissatisfied with Joyce. They withdrew the investment in three TV dramas and a movie. What was more, she couldn't go to the fashion week because of the rumors recently. The total compensation was up to about eighteen million!

After reading the appeal, Sophia was stunned.

Damian was not by her side right now, and there was no one to turn to. She carefully picked up the fixed line phone in the office and dialed the number of Joyce's assistant.

"Hello, I'm Mr. Andrew's assistant in Li Group. My name is Sophia Lin..."

Before she could continue, the person on the other side of the phone had already hung up.

When Sophia called back, there was a busy signal. She didn't know what to do. After all, she hadn't finished the work arranged by Andrew, and there was an appeal from Joyce waiting for her to deal with.

When Sophia was at a loss, her private phone rang.

On the other end of the phone, a man with a Beijing accent said, "Hello, Miss Sophia. We have entrusted you with the task by Joy. Are you free tonight? Joy wants to talk to you face to face."

'Joy? Joyce?'

"I'm not free tonight," Sophia replied hastily. "Of course, in order to deal with the dispute between Miss Joyce and our company, I have to squeeze out time no matter how busy I am, right?"

"Half past eight in the evening, the King Hotel."

After saying that, the man hung up the phone in a hurry. Standing in

front of the French window and looking around, Sophia hesitated for a long time.

At about seven o'clock, she finally picked up her coat and went downstairs in a hurry.

Sophia took a taxi to the King Hotel. She was worried about what she would say if Andrew called her, but she didn't expect that he hadn't contacted her.

Outside the magnificent hotel, Sophia slowly got out of the taxi.

Before entering the hotel, she didn't forget to take out the small mirror in her bag to fix her makeup.

After telling the receptionist the name of Joyce, the waiter took her to a private room.

What Sophia didn't expect was that the name of this hotel was really modern, but the decoration inside was in Korean style, and even the dishes served by the waiters were Korean cuisine.

When she opened the door of the box, she saw that Joyce was sitting cross legged on a cattail hassock in a simple casual suit.

"Miss Sophia, please have a seat." As she spoke, Joyce took up the plum wine and poured it into the glass in front of Sophia.

From the beginning to the end, Sophia hated such a way of eating. 'Wouldn't her legs be numb after sitting cross legged?' But after all, Joyce was the guest today. Sophia sat down slowly and pulled her skirt to avoid wardrobe malfunction.

"I'm a Korean. I came to China when I was eight years old. Are you dissatisfied with the restaurant I chose?" Joyce smiled with contempt.

Sophia shook her head while refusing to drink.

However, Joyce didn't listen to her. She sneered and said, "Miss Sophia, don't you know that in China your sincerity in negotiating with others is to drink more? Now that everyone was equal and there was no distinction between men and women. How could those men not drink in business negotiation? Or you are not sincere to me?"

Seeing that Sophia just stared at the glass in front of her without any movement, Joyce added fuel to the fire.

"Actually, I didn't mean to get the ten million. But I don't think Mr. Andrew will care about the money, right? I have an agreement with the En Group, so I have no choice."

Of course, it was impossible for Joyce not to know that Sophia was allergic to alcohol. Holding the delicate glass in front of her, Sophia felt indescribable tangled in her heart. 'After all, it was because of me that Andrew poured a glass of wine on Joyce.

If I really drink it and make Joyce withdraw the lawsuit, wouldn't it be a great contribution?

That is almost eighteen million!'

Under the gazes of Joyce, Sophia wondered whether she should drink it or not.

At this moment, her phone rang suddenly. Sophia lowered her head and found it was a call from Andrew!

As soon as Joyce saw the name of Andrew, she froze all of a sudden. 'What would happen to me if he came here at this time?'

"Don't answer it for now. It's a party between two women." Joyce glanced at the door from the corner of her eyes.

Finally, the phone stopped vibrating, and Sophia's heart stopped beating for a moment.

The door of the box was opened by someone violently. The man's angular face showed a trace of anger. When Andrew looked at the glass of wine in Sophia's hand, his eyes were burning. Andrew glared at Joyce beside him and said, "I've read the appeal. Ask your agent to send your card number, and I'll inform the financial department to transfer the money to you."

Sophia's heart was full of remorse. 'I had come to complete the work for the company's interests. Why did it seem that I did something bad out of kindness?'

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