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   Chapter 11 President's Secretary

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Sophia looked around and saw rows of neat and orderly tables and chairs. Andrew was making a speech. Those men and women were sitting on their own chairs like robot, looking at Andrew with a grim expression.

Staring at Andrew not far away, Sophia was absent-minded gradually. His charisma as president could not be hided. For a moment, Sophia felt that Andrew was somewhat handsome when he was serious.

Suddenly, she looked into Andrew's eyes, which made her heart beat faster.

Her hand holding the glass shook violently, and water was poured out on the laptop.

It was a mess, but all the employees in the meeting room seemed to have made an appointment. They were still looking at Andrew as before.

Damian rushed over quickly and took out a handkerchief from his pocket to help her wipe the water.

After tidying up the table, Andrew had finished his speech and even walked out of the meeting room.

A woman in black glasses and a business suit walked straightly to Sophia, knocked on the table and said, "This is our president's new secretary, Sophia Lin."

Sophia scratched her head and gave an embarrassed smile. The employees booed and hissed at this news.

After all the people left the meeting room, Sophia opened the door and walked out. Damian followed her and whispered in her ear, "Mrs. Andrew. That is Lisa, the CFO of our company. She works for Mr. Andrew's father, Mr. Carlos Li. So when you see her in the future, try your best to avoid her. She is not on the same boat with president and us. "

When the talk was just finished, the two of them arrived at the door of the staircase. As soon as they opened the door, they heard the whispers outside.

"Oh, everyone has seen that news. Who knows what she sees in Mr. Andrew!"

"Well, they haven't got their marriage certificate yet, and no appointment has been made. Now even that 'Mr. Andrew's Lady' Joyce is sidelined. Why is this Sophia so arrogant?"

"Cough, cough." Damian coughed out of embarrassment.

The women quickly looked back. When they saw Sophia, the expression on their faces was as if they had eaten a dead fly.

However, on the other hand, there was a calm and composed look on Sophia's face. She softly smiled and said, "We will be colleagues from now on. Nice to meet you."

Her tone and aura were just right. From the moment her father passed away. Sophia had expected that these things would happen, and she knew that these were part of her life, so she had to face them.

The female colleagues who were whispering to each other probably didn't expect that Sophia could be so indifferent. They smiled awkwardly and left quickly.

There were only the two of them in the staircase. Damian opened his mouth and hesitated.

He took Sophia to the top floor. There were only two offices on this floor.

One was for Andrew, and the other was for Damian. Now Sophia was here, Damian had to pack up his things and sit next to her. Of course, Sophia didn't know this until she arrived at the office.

"Mrs. Andrew, look, there is a French window behind us. Of course, this office is definitely not comparable to Mr. Andrew's office. But the overall environment is good. If you need anything, just tell me." Damian said with a humble look, throwing his personal necessities int

o the trash can on the ground.

The door was pushed open in an instant. With a cold and condescending expression on Andrew's face, he glanced at the two people in the office and gave an order, "Throw away all the furniture here. Change a new one according to Mrs. Andrew's requirements."

Sitting on the chair, Sophia stared at Andrew in a daze. The tables and chairs were all made of leather, and even the protective cover on the sofa feet was not torn off yet. Wasn't it too extravagant and wasteful?

Sophia stood up in a hurry to stop Andrew, "Forget it. I like these office furniture very much, really!"

"Mrs. Andrew is a frugal woman. Mr. Andrew, do you want to change the furniture?"

As soon as Damian finished his words, Sophia's face turned as red as a persimmon in August.

Immediately, a sinister smile appeared at the corners of Andrew's mouth. "Then do as Mrs. Andrew said. I won't throw them away now."

The way Andrew addressed her made Sophia almost unable to stand on her feet.

However, the atmosphere changed quickly. Before she could react, Andrew glanced at the notebook on the table seriously and asked, "In the meeting room, didn't Damian ask you to make the meeting records?"

"What? Here is the thing. I spilled a glass of water just now, and the computer couldn't be turned on..." Sophia felt very nervous. Was Andrew a schizophrenic? In the blink of an eye, he had changed so fast.

When talking with Andrew, Sophia didn't forget to give Damian a look.

The two of them winked back and forth under Andrew's nose. When he fixed his cold gaze on Damian, Damian stammered, "Yes, Mr. Andrew. Mrs. Andrew was really taking notes seriously when she was in the office just now."

'But what if Andrew asked me about the meeting minutes later?'

Before Sophia could straighten out her thoughts, Andrew said, "Then let assistant Sophia tell me first. What did I say in the meeting?"

How Sophia wished she could strangle herself to death! Why was she absent-minded just now!

However, in front of such a powerful aura of Andrew, Sophia plucked up the courage to patch up the lie. "After all, I've just started my career. In fact, I don't understand a single word of those professional words you said. In general, our company is about to develop new buildings and needs to withdraw some funds from movie investment. Am I right, Mr. Andrew?"

Sophia slightly raised her eyebrows, seemed like she was quite confident. Although she was absent-minded just now, she knew a little about the meeting content. After all, a group like Li Group, apart from the entertainment industry and real estate, would it also invest in the construction of an airport?

Andrew didn't say anything, but turned around and left directly.

Sophia and Damian stood still behind. Andrew was always like this. He might leave at the drop of a hat, leaving no room for others to react.

Damian shrugged his shoulders and said, "Mrs. Andrew, don't worry. As long as Mr. Andrew doesn't say anything, it means there is no big problem about what you just said. Moreover, your words are correct. You roughly summarized the investment and construction of the project that Mr. Andrew had talked about in the meeting."

Sophia felt like she had fallen into a bottomless pit.

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